Luscious Idolicious!? is a blog that was created by Krv in 2009 for the sole purpose of talking about idols. Japanese idols. Originally it ran the gamut of various post styles, offering news, opinion, reviews and other random crap, but eventually settled down to the extent that now it's basically album reviews and yearly roundups with the occasional feature.

Through my reviews you may get the idea that I'm hating for no apparent reason, and sometimes I am. However, most of the time I do try to provide musical reasons for why things suck (or don't suck), and use my experience of writing music and being in studios to impart a sense of knowledge to the reader. However, that sometimes doesn't go down too well.

I am, to my eyes, what Sag Sousuke terms a music lover idol fan. It's all very well the girls being cute and so, but if the music sucks then I can't really get behind them. Thus far the only real exception to this is the 48 Empire, because there are so many of them, and they have so many shows, that it's pretty hard to not find some of them awesome even if they've never had a decent song in their lives.

I write on some other blogs, am the vocalist/lyricist/guitarist/some other stuff for a band, and I occasionally write fiction too.

I'm also a photographer.

There are some links at the bottom you can stalk me at, though not all of them are links and some of them link to places different than the logo because these widgets will be the death of me.

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