Idol Body Parts Top 10 Series: Part 3

At long last I have summoned up the effort and courage to present to you, dear readers, my ode to the idol posterior. The rump, buttocks, derrière, gluteus maximus, arse, and various other synonyms. Since I last gave you an ode to legs, my blog hits have spiralled out of control. Was it due to the legs post? Nope, that seems to be pretty steady at about 700 hits. The feet post on the other hand is currently at about 2300 and climbing rapidly. I don't know if this thoroughly disproves the theory that legs are the third most fetishised body part, or just proves that there are sufficient numbers of more reputable blogs which feature delicious idol legs that mine just doesn't get any hits. I guess I will find out when this post and the two posts on breasts go up. If they don't even reach the level of the feet post, I guess I'm just that unpopular.

So, anyway, a recap of what has been, and what is to come:

  • Breasts (ie. actual ones)
  • DFC (delicious flatchest. Tits that ain't)
  • Ass
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Clavicle
  • Lips
  • Belly/Waist/Hips/Pelvis (that general area)
  • Back
  • Armpits
Also, a word to the wise that due to my obvious and inherent dislike of a certain highly regarded former idol whose buttocks were often on prominent display, I've decided I couldn't be bothered to go through the effort to actually photoshop her face out of all her ass shots (not to mention, downloading them in the first place), so for those of you who expected Takahashi Ai to be first, unlucky.

Also, the picspam this time will be chosen wisely. This is due to me not wanting to hit my upload limit on blogger, and also because one idol on this list has but a single yet delightful shot of their rear, which unfortunately means that others simply must suffer.

Anyway, I digress. TO THE BOOTY!

10. Takajo Aki

Akicha's ass being wonderful sort of stems from the same thing that makes her thighs wonderful. The muscle tone and definition plus just enough fat to appear squeezable. Obviously, the fat on her arse is the only fat on her entire body.

So shiny and photoshopped but still, delicious.

Overhang GETS.

Bikini bottoms are rather tight on her. Not that I mind at all.

I envy that Sasshi hand...

 9. Sashihara Rino

What? Miss Pancake Cheeks herself? Well, she has a flat ass, but by Vastafel if it isn't the sweetest, pertest, tightest pancake ass in all existence.

She looks rather stoned, but hey, ass.

Pert as hell. Plus, undo the top, you know you want to.

She is an Eri wota... Suitable then that she should usurp the nearly-upskirt crown.

Flat, but somehow delectable.

Striped bottoms certainly do add a touch of definition to female buttocks...

Ass padding hello.

The angle on this shot makes her ass lack any definition.

Ooh, wet mizugi...

Ass and feet in one. Definite pluspoint.

Actually manages to look big in this picture. Shocking, eh.
8. Konno Asami

So, oldschool. She probably has no ass left nowadays, because she looks like a stick, but when she was in Momusu she had quite a nice little arse. Having said that I doubt anyone was looking, because they were blinded by her tits (seems to be a common theme, hence why most of those on the upper end of this list seem to have all their body fat stored in their ass and not their breasts).

H!P actually had a good photographer for this PB.

Inch to the left...

Underneath shot ftw.

Hint of bikini buttock escape.

Side view with some nice thigh muscles.

Full on breakout this time.

Unfortunately this bikini is rather unflattering.

Still, nice to know light blue works for ass as well as thighs.
 7.  Ono Erena

Another girl whose ass has been overlooked in favour of her mammaries, Erepyon's ass is actually quite perky and nice. Hopefully LesPros will give her some more photobooks.

One piece swimsuits always give an interesting result...

Delicious curves.

Getting ready to vacate, in seethrough dress. I approve.

I think this is a rare case of bikini bottoms being too big.

She looks a bit out of it. Here, sniff this... it ain't rohypnol...

What was I saying about striped bikini bottoms? Oh yea...

They're fucking awesome!

As is the light blue...

Really, nothing to be said.

Chubby buttcheeks gets.

Shapely posterior.
6. Ogura Yui

She's so cute, sweet, and seiyuuish. Unfortunately, even after much digging, I've been incapable of uncovering more than a single shot of her ass. But even so, it's a delicious one.

5. Mano Erina

Mano is pretty boring. On the other hand, her ass goes some way to making up for her being completely without a personality. Who needs one if you have a nice ass anyway? Unless you're Aichan, but her face is messed up so I guess I can't compare...

This pic was the one that made me notice she was more than just a piano-playing drone.

Hmm, white is perhaps the wrong colour.

Yellow is much better for capturing definition.

And muscle tone. Nice thighs too, I must admit.

From above, perky.

From the side, flat.

Now that is something worth going to a beach for.

Ah, red onepiece. You make me happy wait what is that a tanline I see?

Hmm, white again, but nicer.

Patterns certainly help her ass look a bit fuller.
4. Oshima Yuko

Shiriko herself. Obviously, as an ass fetishist, a member of Oshiri Sisters, and the perviest old bloke in AKB, Yuko takes her rear visage very seriously. Wouldn't surprise me if she enjoyed the sight of her own PBs... if you know what I mean... Self-admitted as a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant, she generally does play to the lowest common denominator. But who cares, she's got back and ain't afraid to show it off.

In the shower is generally the best way to figure out how 'shopped a pic is, because water is hard to remove...

But even in unflattering clothes (whatever the fuck they are) her ass looks pretty good.

Or rather, phenomenal in ths one.

Back to the water... Even if it's missing her ass.

Updress hello.

Still no closer to figuring out what this thing she's wearing is.

Can't really say much more than DAMN. Plus, how come white works on her?

Gotta love how she's only twisting her ass at the camera.

Purple and wet, makes for a good buttcrack line. Note taken.

This is generally what I mean by lowest common denominator. Still, she gets off on it.

So more power to her.

Fuck yea sand.

I think those bottoms are a little too tight. But I won't complain.

Oh hello.

Shame about the overexposure. No, not in that sense. I'm a photographer dammit.

Once again, the lack of lighting control ruining a perfectly good ass shot.

3. Tsugunaga Momoko

Ah yes, antigravity herself. Her 100% wonderful buttocks are certainly no stranger to the camera. And they do tend to bounce most marvellously. Plus with her psychotic weirdness, who knows where she might direct them? (referring, of course, to her obsession with trying to ass-sumo the shit out of everyone and anyone). Actually, wish she'd ass-sumo me. Just with me facing the wrong way... of course.

From when she still looked flat. Or maybe it's the dots. They work the opposite of stripes.

Indeed they are, Momo. Indeed they are.

Stars, on the other hand, accentuate her plump buttocks nicely.

Still Momo, weird as fuck.

Antigravity rears its head again. What in Vastafel is holding that left buttock up?

Now this is just squeezable.

Ah, to poke or not to poke. That's not even a question. POKE!

Oddly, stripes didn't work either.

At first I thought that was Nakky's penis balloon.

Nicely rounded.

Would be hard having to photograph this. "Do not touch do not touch do not..." Oops.

Obviously the look on her face after the photographer failed to control his hands.

So she runs away from the cameraman.

Wet and delicious.

And just so pert.

2. Ishikawa Rika

Who else could be here, really? Charmy, of the massive chin. Charmy, of the annoying cute act. Charmy, of the fucking gigantic ass you just need to hit pingpong balls at to appreciate. Well, what am I waiting for?

Did someone jizz on this scan?

There's rounded, and there's Charmy.

Wetness definitely makes them even more desirable.

Shame I can't say the same about floral patterns.

But light blue comes to the rescue again.

I think that simply deserves a spanking.

This too, just enough overhang to not be disgusting.

And a lying down pose.
1. Watanabe Mayu

Really, who else could it be? Young Shiriri has learned well from her master (the wise Shiriko) and has in turn surpassed her. Now she reigns supreme as the being with the best Japanese ass I've ever seen, possibly due to the fact that she's also probably the only Japanese woman I've ever seen with actual hips. She too has a seeming ass-fetish, so she's pretty keen to show it off at any and all occasions. I certainly won't complain. So, onwards to the pictures, without my annoying captions.

So, yes. Lots of delightful ass. Hope you ass lovers enjoyed. I'll give a quick "should have been on this list but I couldn't find enough proof" shoutout to Kimoto Kanon. Young, yes, but definitely one to watch for the future. She says she's fat, I say she's just a quick growth spurt away from surpassing Mayuyu. But who knows, time will tell.

Next time, whenever I can be bothered to do another one of these (they're time consuming, this took me nearly 10 hours to finish), it will probably be the belly/hips/pelvis area. Enjoy!

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