Idol Body Parts Top Ten Series: Part 4 - Hips Ahoy! (plus waists, bellies and navels)

So, despite me posting like a spammer on Beat Laments The World at the moment, I've not really posted much on here of late. I was planning to sort of scale back and do maybe a post per month for the near future, but that now seems pretty lackadaisical of me thus I figure I'd provide you, my few readers and many searchbots, some more fap material eye candy.

As I said last time, the fact that the feet post was leading the leg post was confusing to me. Now it's beating both legs and ass by some margin. Currently:

Feet - 2432 views.
Legs - 436 views.
Ass - 161 views.

So I guess modern tastes and acceptable fetishes might need some reconfiguring.

Anyway, recap.

  • Breasts (ie. actual ones)
  • DFC (delicious flatchest. Tits that ain't)
  • Ass
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Clavicle
  • Lips
  • Belly/Waist/Hips/Pelvis (that general area)
  • Back
  • Armpits
So yes, this time it's time for the Belly/Waist/Hips/Pelvic area. Of course, some girls impress me in one aspect particularly, some evenly in several, and possibly some in all. Just to explain here, my tastes in this area are capricious at best. You will see pokable bellies and hard abs, hips that aren't and hips that could carry quindecaplets, innies and outies... Who knows. In any case, let us depart for the promised land (with no clover).

10. Arihara Kanna

Ex-C-ute person, but still cute. Her gravure DVDs don't push any boundaries, are boring, and generally involve the same sort of tepid crap the H!P DVDs involve, so considering it took Tsunku over a year to tell Aika to get her crippled ass out of Momusu, how the hell could a "bunion" have caused such a sudden withdrawal? I doubt I'll ever understand. Unless, of course, "bunion" means "cock". In that case, I guess it's a shame Aika never got a bunion... Kanna's midsection is middle of the road. Not chubby, but not massively over-worked. Hips have nice definition but aren't massive. Navel is cute. Perfect to start with really.

Languid posture is nice, but a shame about the lighting.

Hmm, nice hips and plump... nub.

I guess hanging from a tree too often might add some extra definition to her abs...

But who needs exercise when water droplets work far better?

Looks so firm and touchable.

And some possible cameltoe to finish.

9. Kitahara Rie

Rie's flabby belly is an odd choice, as it seems to fluctate between something you pat, and something you grab hold of. She even gets occasional love handles. Still, it's endearing somewhat to see that idols too are human. Mostly. Excuse me for re-using some pics.

Side on view is pretty delectable.

I chose this picture just for the pelvic area. Zoom in. I dare you.

Those bikini bottoms are cutting a fine line down there. Also, phwoar, ribcage.

Everything's better upside down. Pelvic bones look... lickable.

Her navel is also quite lovely.

Had to laugh at the caption. But nice.

Also very nice.

Beach ball fits in that curve perfectly.

Her navel looks like the entrance to a black hole in this one.

And the lack of photoshop exposes Rie's belly for what it really is.
8. Kusumi Koharu

Yes, it's the Kohole herself. She never had much of a chest, but she made up for it with a stunning flatchest and flat belly and flat... everything really. Except her grin, that was never flat. Merely horrifying.

Rather delicious...

Laying down there seems to be some definition...

Light blue once again proving it's the ultimate colour...

Addition of tshirt makes it somewhat hotter...

Interesting contours on the side view.

Sitting down captures the hints of definition perfectly.

Off! Off! Off!

Argh! Horrific grin. But nice navel...

Non-psychotic Koha? One for the record books.

From a lower angle also intriguing...

Those bottoms are quite low-cut. I approve.
7. Niwa Mikiho

Ah yes, the wonderful queen of flat everything. Flat chest, flat stomach, flat ass, but nice legs. She has some rather wonderful definition so definitely worth a visit...

Her flatness is so...wonderful.

Love it when girls are covered in sand...

Looks like her bikini bottoms had the same idea her arms had. Guess at least one thing ain't flat...

Longcat is long.

Oh yea, sandy vag.

So she goes and sits on the first phallic object in sight. I think the girth is a little too big.

Hmm, wonder how many birds she had to kill for this.

Hint of abs?

Return of the longcat.

Navel is calling.

Concave as fuck.

Final longcat.

6. Umeda Ayaka

Queen of the sexy voice also has a rather beautiful midriff.  The evidence isn't empirical, but what I have seen thus far certainly pleases me.

No definition, but nice.

Standing the definition gains focus, her hips are nice and the navel looks delicious.

In this position she's the opposite of Mikiho. Not very longcat. She's bloody tiny.

Ride it.

The way the light catches her curves is nice...

Side view for epic justice.

Probably the second best hips in AKB...

Ooh, little lines of beads for extra fun.

Damn right.
5. Matsui Jurina

A wise man once said, "most dudes are more oppai than Jurina". Indeed. She has some more of that wonderful flatness.

Part of me hopes she never develops any further.

Her shorts give a nice outline, I must say.

What is it with idols and the tied tshirt. I don't mind, it's cute. But still...

Hmm, navel.

Jurina's "fuck yea" pose is lol.

No hips, no waist, no worries.

4. Yamamoto Sayaka

I'll be honest here and say if there's anything imperfect about Sayanee, I've yet to see it. So, of course, this extends also to her hip/pelvis/waist/belly region. Though I'm sure many of you will be distracted by what lies about said area, that will come (literally I'm assuming) in a later post. Until then, enjoy...

The robe accentuates it perfectly...

Downwards angle always looks nice.

Ooh, delicious abs...

See what I mean by perfection?

The light blue doing its work once more.


The lighting is a bit bright...


That's right, build that stomach.

With fruits.

One word. PHWOAR.

Lack of colour disturbs me, but the navel sure as hell doesn't.

Deftly camoflauged by something see through. Fakjea.

By Vastafel it's delightful.

Shimabikini shwing.

Gotta love the positioning of her navel in this.

Slightly side on view.

Frilly pantsu.

3. Yajima Maimi

Oh yea, she's back. Her ass is weak, but in this regard her abs become plenty fine enough for this list. Indeed.

Her navel is so thin. It's interesting.

Muscle tone is really something.

Shame the photographer won't get closer to it.

Light blue doing the trick again.

Even kneeling she retains her abs.

But reclining like this gives the best definition.

Rather than innie or outie, should be the third kind. "Mere slit".

Oh muscle tone...

Quite an interesting shape in her bikini bottoms...

The monochrome and the shape?

Short hair Maimi actually enhanced the rest of her somewhat. Odd as she's already almost perfect...


Surely I can't be the only one who wants to use Maimi's body for nyotaimori?

Some hips for a change.

The return of the striped bikini. Oh yea.

In full clothing it looks even more delicious.

If you poked her stomach it wouldn't give an inch.

2. Watanabe Mayu

This high ranking is mostly for her hips. I never understood how hips could be attractive until I saw Mayu. Her stomach is also quite delicious looking.

Child bearing hips!

And a perfectly nice navel.

Sitting down doesn't make it unappealing.

Interesting shadows...

Hmm, delicious.

Just want to poke her.

Hearts on belly YES.

Mayubot always knows the right pose.

The pic that made me notice hips. Phwoar.

Wide hips and the space between her legs is massive. A man's dream, surely.

Hell yea, keep up that weird assed figure you have.

Hips of DOOM.

Navel of DEATH.

How the fuck can she be so skinny with that much hip?

More open as fuckness. 

Stripy ftw.

Sitting down again, still wonderful.
 1. Suzuki Airi

As the only luscious idol belly I've seen in person, it had to be really, didn't it. Airi's flatness works wonders. Everywhere. Everytime. Leaving you to enjoy without any silly comments from me once more, until the last pic.

The time at which I saw and it became #1. Credit to Chobi for pic.
Next up, backs or breasts (either breast breasts or DFCs). Hopefully next time I won't suffer so many fucking holdups because Blogspot is being a piece of shit today.

Until then...


  1. At leaast Im not the only one that noticed Mayuyu's scary hips,,, theres so awful i think