A Shocking World Reformation Metal Song

Also known as HOLY FUCK BATMAN Babymetal are back and I think they want to kill you. Or at least, burn you to death. Or moe you to death. I'm never actually sure which. It stands to reason though that as soon as I finish reviewing the last Sakura Gakuin album the video for Ijime, Dame, Zettai, the long awaited and forever buried in a live-only format song has been released. And HOLY FUCK is it epic. Not just the song, oh no. The video is more epic than Tyr. In fact, the bloke in the video looks like he might be from Tyr...

Anyway, here is the video:

So, where to start? I suppose the beginning might be the best place...

A flaming guitar, a sorrowful piano piece, SUMETAL singing a sad vocal line that would sound a little more sad if she wasn't singing "lu lu luuuu lu lu luuuuu", unless that's a really meta dig at all the comments on Blabbermouth that flame Babymetal but admit that "at least it's better than Lulu" (in reference to Metallica's shit collaboration with Lou Reed, if you haven't heard of it). The girls themselves are robed in a way that reminds me slightly of Satyricon's epic video for Mother North (though, minus the corpsepaint, blood and nudity), and the Babybones band thing have returned. Then there's the man from Tyr...

Then metal...

From here on I'll let you decide your own way. I love the fuck out of it, especially when Moa and Yui are dual-soloing on guitars (Moa's tapping = hilarious), Sumetal's vocals throughout, and the not-very-subtle dig at rap/hiphop as the one repressing the Tyr guy...

*insert "help, help, I'm being repressed!" here*

Anyway, from this, I'm supporting even more what I said in my review on LI. You can graduate Suzuka from Sakura Gakuin but PLEASE do not let her leave Babymetal. Really. She's fucking awesome. And this is also fucking awesome. Power metal, no hints of techno or rap or anything. Just good old metal. And win. Lots and lots of win.

Enjoy fuckers.


  1. Hahahahaha. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Damnit that is way too awesome for words. My ass literally exploded from watching this PV due to the sheer amount of awesome. The song is just amazing. MOAMETAL is by far the world's most accomplished tap guitar soloer to have ever lived.

    I was sort of "?" about the no-bullying theme, but watching this PV I get it now with the rap guys trying to oppress our struggling bearded metal hero... the tragic scenes of them cutting his hair and destroying his flying V guitar... but in the end he finally reaches redemption and salvation. Friends, let this song be the anthem of metalheads everywhere. Ijime Dame Forever.

  2. Do you intend to update your "Top 50 Guitar Solos in Idol Songs" ^^
    This one is pretty much awesome. It has been a year since then.

  3. Honestly I don't think much at the top would change. The Metal list requires a lot more updating than the solo list. I think most of the top ten on the solo list would probably be the same, actually. This isn't that amazing. There's maybe one or two songs that would crack the middle reaches, but not enough full-scale change to do the entire list again. These lists are no small amount of effort on my part. The metal one took around 50 hours to research and write, the solo list about 60 hours and the prog list about 120 hours. So yea, maybe in two or three years when the idol landscape has shifted around a bit more, eh :P

  4. This is fucking fantastic, Krv. I'm so floored by these girls - I sat here utterly speechless for five minutes after watching that.

    Next, I want to see a death metal group performing some idol j-pop songs - like Hypocrisy's Peter TÃĪgtgren belting out "Mecha Mote! Summer" by MM Gakuen Gasshoubu or King Diamond singing C-ute's "Do Don ga Don Ondo".

  5. poor hobo gaijin metalhead....