An update...

It was only yesterday when I was saying that my feelings towards this blog were that it was becoming a chore, and that I'd likely move everything over to Beat Laments The World from now on and then leave this here.

But, then today, I saw something. Idolminded is having its anniversary and Ray posted a series of Blog Maintenance topics that got me thinking, especially this one.

I can't remember how long I had the pink theme. I remember I had a white one before it, but that didn't last more than a few months, if I recall, which means that I had the pink theme for about 3.5 years, somewhat longer then than Ray's annual change. It also took me back to something Dean (who used to write for Yonasu but dunno what he's doing these days) said not long back: that my theme was shit.

That, to be honest, was perfectly true. However, in my general feeling of disregard for this blog I gave not a fig and carried on regardless.

However, upon seeing Ray's blog today I started thinking. Then after thinking I went straight into blogspot's helpfully useless Template editor and started screwing around. That theme was probably up for about an hour before I thought, "hold on, I need a new banner."

I made the banner you now see, which is horrific and needs fixing, in about half an hour, and uploaded it.

"There, done," I thought to myself, clicking off and buggering off to do somewhat else.

Ten minutes later I was back and browsing template themes. I found one I really liked, then spent the better part of the next three hours tweaking it until it stopped sucking. The work on Blogger never ends...

The idea behind the new theme is a bit more of a Web 2.0 look, a more concise theme. You may see the posts in the slider bar: those are the top viewed posts. I have nothing to do with it. Don't blame me that the number of foot fetishists on the internet outnumber the ass fetishists, leg fetishists and hip fetishists by a significant amount.

I wanted a theme that was both clean and dark, because the interlude theme was a very dark grey and light blue theme I chose to stick mostly to those colours, and ended up with a black and light grey theme.

I also deleted some of the various sidebars, moved the album rating compendium up in the header and wrote a new About page.

Anyway, this blog did have a point, that being: someone, out of the kindness of your heart please make me a banner that doesn't suck. If you want to, there's a bunch of social media links at the bottom now where you can stalk me tell me if you want to make me a banner.

The other point is that the new theme has made me somewhat more receptive of the idea of continuing with this blog. Hell, you can't spend most of a day turfing out bits and pieces of HTML and Javascript and chopping and mending CSS without coming to fall in love with something again. So yea, I probably won't quit. Until I have to review the Berryz album and then I'll want to stop again.

Anyway, until next time.


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