Shirow's "Cuddle" list

So, I decided to make a blog, because I can.

Firstly, I'm going to submit my "cuddle list", also known as the "H!P member I'd most like to poke."

Now I shall explain my choices.

1) Airi - Because dammit, she's cute. And underage (but not in Sweden, nudge nudge), but I don't really care. Plus she's in Buono!, which is a huge advantage considering I listen to them too much these days.

2) Sayu - It's impossible to look at her and not feel like it...

3) Junjun - I want to poke her cheeks, then the rest of her.

4) Maimi - She's too sexy for her own good. I would like to receive a lapdance from her too, if it came down to it, because Natsu Doki Lipstick from the H!P Winter concert killed me.

5) Momo - Again, cute and in Buono! Also very funny.

6) Lightbulb - Because she's a nutter. And nutters are good.

7) Konkon - Because she'd stimulate my mind too.

8) Shenshen - I want to poke her cheeks too.

9) Aika - Her Kansai-ben is attractive. And she's rather amusing. And would probably tire me out.

10) Reina - A best of the rest, because I couldn't decide and needed a tenth.

Really though, I'd happily poke all of them :P

And that's all for now.

With a poke.


  1. I lol'd

    Great descriptions, have I just popped your blog comment cherry? I do hope so.