Because this isn't just a H!P blog...

I'm going to do a post on my favourite idol of all.

Though a lot of people probably won't know her (she's only in a Stardust group called Power-Age), she's still brilliant.

Her name is Sakina Kuwae.


Dammit, she's cute. And very loli-like without being underaged (she's really tiny). And bloody funny too. And a good singer. I could list all her good traits but I'd be here all day, so I won't.

She also played Eva (the loli vampire) in the live-action Negima (my favourite manga), which granted her awesome status (she was also in the latest series of Power Rangers' origin, Gekiranger :P )

Anyway, here's a video of her singing in a very nice black outfit :P

Some more links (not fullsize imbedded vids for space saving reasons) of funnies:

Nooo! Not that picture!
3:36 = win

Anyway, it's pretty much impossible to find much Power-Age stuff online nowadays (except a really fucking annoying song where it "features" a load of cats), which annoys me as there was a really funny video with her and another person from Power-Age a while ago. So instead I'll just link to her blog as a final gasp: