Hangry & Angry, Camden Underworld, London, 27th May, 2010

I seem, to be using, a lot, of commas, lately :P

Anyway, to the trip!

My journey started at 9:47am on Thursday, caught the bus into Salisbury, met up with my esteemed bandmate Chris (Captain Epic), missed the 10:20 train but saved £5 catching the next one at 10:45. Didn't do much on the train. Got to London about 12:15, got some money out, got underground tickets, then went up to meet peoples at Camden.

Got there and saw Pete (sswishbone) and Mark (oroboras) hanging around outside World's End, so went over to say hello. Also saw Ole (X5-2000), chr0nik and CDevil, before Pete started yelling that we were all going to the pub. So we went into World's End, and a really small girl called Vicky and a huge Japanese guy made of epic win tagged along. Everyone seemed to like my Buono tshirt and my pink skirt.

After an hour and a half of random chatter, some wotagei, taking the piss out of Dran, some "help help I'm being repressed" due to the barstaff telling everyone to turn the music down, Pete, Mark, Chris and I decided to go to Tower Hill to see Mark(rawr) and Gina, as well as Lolli and Shirow. After a while waiting and playing with Mark(orob)'s kanji learning game, they finally turned up, Mark(rawr) having been distracted by LCpl Beharry VC. After they got there and stuff was handed over, and they went to check in at their Travelodge, we went to Aldgate East Travelodge so Mark(orob) could charge his phone. Then Me, Chris and Pete went to pick up Dean from Liverpool St. Much fun ensued. Back to Aldgate East, then met up with some JPHiP peoples and headed to Soho for some Ramen or Bento at New Tokyo. JPHiPsters buggered off before time to get to the line. Ramen was decent, though mine was a little bloody. Dean couldn't use his chopsticks, so we laughed at him. Took the piss out of Dran as well, because he wasn't there to defend himself.

After food and epic bloodloss, headed to the Underworld thinking the doors would be open. They weren't. We cut the queue by crashing where Gina and Mark(rawr) were, and eventually made our way in.

At the start I hung around the top of the stairs with Mark(rawr), Gina, Chris and Lolli, asking Rika to get her tits out and other amusing anecdotes (like saying I'd impregnate Tsuji when she came on the screen, to which someone pointed out she was already pregnant... slightly stating the obvious :P ). My insanely bright green glowsticks started leaking, so I had to throw them away. After a few songs I went up and pushed through everyone so I was behind Dean, next to Pete and Mark(orob), and started being a nutter. I managed to steal two glowsticks from elsewhere (Pete, IIRC), and started bouncing around like a nutter, singing along in my pitched growl, and tried to start several moshpits, and tired headbanging before realising my hair was gone.

After the huge-titted monster said they'd be back to do the Q&A and stuff after a short break, I went up and grabbed some drinks, then got back in time for everything.

The questions didn't really stand out, though Yossie's answer that she wanted to be married in ten years prompted some eager responses, and her reply that "girls are impossible, I like boys" was hilarious. Also got an amusing anecdote from Chris and Mark(rawr). Everyone was cheering as soon as the answers were given in Japanese. Mark: "I bet most of them don't even understand what they're saying."

Other than that, the Happy Summer Wedding bit was fun, when they started doing "Para para" and after they finished I kept singing "父さん、母さん、ありがとう!" which got me a thumbs up from Yossie.

The competition winners were odd. The second guy to get his picture taken, Jack Sparrow, was next to me and Pete on the bus from Stockholm Centralen to Skavsta Airport, then on the same flight to Stansted in May last year when we went for the cancelled Buono concert. Was a bit of a "!!" moment for sure.

Anyway, out of the gig eventually, then back into the pub. My Croatian mate Heda came along to catch up, and enjoyed referring to the glowsticks as deathsticks. After an hour or so I decided to stay in London and went to get a sleeping bag, and told everyone I was coming back (though I epic failed when telling the Japanese folks, I said "ただいま" before realising my epic fail and correcting myself to "俺は戻って来る" which is still wrong but at least not the complete opposite :P ). Chris decided to go home on the last train though.

However, upon returning, everyone had gone. I was shocked.

So I phoned Mark(rawr) and asked if it was still okay for me to crash with them, and it was, so I went to the tube station and set out for Tower Hill again.

Got off the Northern line at Moorgate to get onto the Circle line, only to find that the last train had already departed. Annoyed, I went back down to the Northern line to catch it down to Bank to get the District, but then the alarm started blaring. "Please evacuate the station, there has been a threat."

So I went out and caught a bus to Tower Hill, Mark came out to meet me and then I crashed on their floor for the night. Got to sleep about 7am, woke up about 9am.

After showering and such, me, Mark(rawr) and Gina headed out to Piccadilly to meet up with Pete, Mark(orob), Madlandyman and his wife. Went into the JapanCentre, failed to find any UTB, BLT or other sexy idol magazines, and couldn't find any bottles or cans of Pocari either. After that went to Trocadero for Tokyo Toys, and then to Covent Garden. Ran up the 193 steps, then went for crepes. I had savoury, as usual, everyone else had sweet ones. That done and dusted, went and listened to some Mozart, and then quested to find CyberCandy. I got some Mana Potion, and too many sweets.

Went back down the Covent Garden steps, then went to Victoria so everyone could catch their buses. Had some funs chatting to everyone before they went, and then when they'd gone I went back to Camden to wait for Heda so I could give her the sleeping bag back. Eventually got a text that I should go to Euston to give it to her, so downed my drink and went. Gave it back, said goodbye, went to Waterloo, caught train, listened to Berryz 6th album and Symphony X, ate all the sweets to give me energy for the task that was now at hand...

Got back to Salisbury about 7pm. Then had to walk up to Chris' place (about a mile) to get my backpack, then another 2 miles up to my dad's place so my brother could give me a lift back home. All whilst my boxers were pretending to be barbed wire gouging out chunks of flesh.


Anyway, all in all, a very good night. The aches and pains will persist for about a week, and the memories will linger on for a hell of a lot longer.

Hells yea.

(Pic credit to Mark(rawr) and Gina :P )


  1. Like the review. I can't speak Japanese but enjoyed the gig anyway.

  2. Cool report man, got me giggling out loud at a couple of parts. I was going to ask, "which one is you in the picture?" until I looked at the shirts. Now I don't need to anymore. Hahaha.
    Ah man... would've loved to see them again though. I was semi-contemplating on catching a cheap-ass flight to London too but ultimately decided against it. Crazy as it might sound, I miss it. :(

  3. Well, according to everyone who'd been at more than one gig, the London one was the best yet. Mostly because we were being fucking nutters :P

    But I miss it too. Would have been fun to meet you :P