Okada Robin Shouko ♥

Title sums up the contents of this post. Since my top idol list back in January, there have been some notable changes. A certain lady called Mitsushima Hikari popped into my consciousness based on her brilliant performance in a masterpiece full of gore, female masturbation, lesbian action, upskirt photography, religious cults and the secret lives of clergy; called 愛のむきだし (Ai no Mukidashi; Love Exposure). It's also four hours long, so that probably imprinted her onto my consciousness somewhat. Doesn't harm her either that she was also in Folder5 with AKINA.

Anyway, the other notable mover was Robin. I started watching a load of Possible stuff, in which Robin always seemed to catch the eye somehow. The music videos in particular of Happy 15, Love Message and (to a lesser extent) Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~.

I love her rock style vocals, as evidenced by some of her yelling in Love Message and the powerful tone before the choruses in Family; and her monologues in Happy15 are cool too. Also, her little loli-jump (for lack of better description) at the end of Love Message is insanely cute.

Her fake guitar attempt in Genki ni Nare is also quite win.

And then, of course, her DVD and Photo collection were announced. The preview shots were, to say the least, erotic. But I had no fears, as one of my favourite Japanese photographers was doing the shoot, one Herbie Yamaguchi, who'd worked with Boy George. And, as I expected, the shots lived up to it. Unfortunately I lack a scanner, so I've only scanned a couple as I'm on a trial period at a publishers and did them while no one was looking. But some of them are truly stunning. A few:

I must say, I'd like to stick a fork in her buttocks...

Her solo DVD is also extremely sexy. I'll leave it to Shirow to do the screencapping and full assology, because that's what he does best, but I will link to the trailer as it gives an idea...

So yes, do acquire :P

But I shall enjoy seeing more of her, definitely. Just a shame the latest Possible PV with her in latex didn't work out quite as sexily as it should have... I mean, seriously, who writes a song with the lyrics about how to make a hotpot? Unless you're from Lancashire...