FAKSM #14: Shonan no Kaze - Suirenka

Shonan no Kaze is a group I know absolutely nothing about. They're some sort of happy pop rap reggae collaborative. Or something. I was introduced to this song by AKB48's Karaoke Contest, where Chance no Junban centre Uchida Mayumi and utter insane crazy person Ooya Shizuka covered it. Once in a short version, and then the next day in full form. It was amusing. But halfway through I realised I was enjoying the song. Way too much. It occured to me that it was actually a fucking amazing song. Also fucking kickass. Thus I'm nominating it for FAKSM.

Here's the crazy AKB version if you feel like it:

Ain't gonna say much else. Let the music talk. There's 7 minutes of it to occupy you. Enjoy.

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