Token Pervy Post

So, it's been roughly six months since I did anything remotely perverted on here. As my rankings have sort of thoroughly changed (again) due to graduations, silly shit, not so silly shit, and such, I thought I'd introduce what few readers I have to some new girls, wish a merry departure to others, and explains the reasoning behind some other changes. This does, of course, mostly involve AKB/SKE as that's what I've been mostly caught up in of late.

So, to the show.

Kimoto Kanon

The prime loli in SKE48's Team loliE, Non is... hard to categorise. On one hand, she looks like a loli. She's also strictly illegal actual loli (disclaimer, she suffers from what I now call Maachan-syndrome, in which my liking of her is platonic. Too cute to desecrate). She's also cheeky (in the smart-mouth sense, not in terms of plump buttocks), happy to disrespect her seniors, talks rather normally (non-loli) and to top it all off, stabs people for fun.

Hells yea.

Fresh Lemon

So, Ichikawa Miori. Ex-member of Power-Age (along with Kuwae Sakina and Momoka from Momoclo). She is, despite appearing and sounding utterly otherwise, 17. She's a bit of a retard, has a speech impediment, probably has a growth disorder, sucks at singing, sucks at dancing, but is fucking hilarious. She has a very hard head (I bet she gives great helmet), one of the most annoying catchphrases in existence (which is still epic) and is in general just fucking insane. And cute as a really cute thing.

More pic:

Sato Amina

Now, Amina is one I would have no qualms at all about doing just about anything to. She's cute. Bit weird looking, but cute. She gives herself mock facials with pudding, and she's a bit crazy. She's part of Sugar, the irreverent MC section only unit. Also sings in two of the weirdest stage songs around, Tsundere (some fucked up mix of Misirlou, happy brass band, generic pop and eyeburning costumes) and Candy (sugary as a really sugary thing). She also can't restrain herself and visibly orgasms whenever other girls dress up as boys. Still, definitely worth a shot or two.

Nakagawa Haruka

Ah, another of the AKB-related age mindfucks. She's 19, so it's perfectly alright if you want to fap to her. She is a bit... silly. Still acts childish, still looks childish. Other members less than a year older than her say they feel like her mother. If that's not bad enough, she's still the oldest in Watarirouka, which seems weird as she looks the youngest.

Loliest non-loli ever. Plus, voice fetish activated. Win-win.

Masuda Yuka

Easily the best pop singer in AKB, she's also from Osaka and therefore has a win accent. She had her own frankly win solo single. She leads in one of the most enduringly popular stage songs, MARIA. She's also in Diva, but oh well.
Some live vocals:

Matsui Rena

Matsui Rena, aka Gekikara. She's... unstable. Goes from being a complete crybaby to being a happy, slightly devillish girl to a prim, proper young lady to a spice-loving super-hot curry eater to a psychotic titan of war. Or something. She also makes a hot bloke.

Gekikara's still the best though.

Matsui Sakiko

The pianist. That's all you need to know really. She's not particularly attractive, but holy fuck can she play.

Oota Aika

Ah, Lovetan. Tsundere as all hell, and cuter than most things on earth. And pokable. Very very pokable.

In the end though, this gif is all one needs:

Iwasa Misaki

So, AKB's enka singer. And cute in the bargain. Really very cute. Also in Watarirouka. Completely unsure why. She's like, the only one in WH who can sing, and she readily confesses that anything she does sing, she turns to Enka.

So yes. Those are my new protips for awesomeness.

On those who have left, or become boring:

Oku Manami graduated. Much sadness.
Hirano Tomomi graduated from eggs. Much sadness that I never even heard her sing.
Miyazawa Sae is still dropping, though mainly from utter lack of exposure.
Mitsui Aika has dropped lots, along with every other Momusu person.
Takajo Aki has dropped because of squick.

And that is all.

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