Idol Body Parts Top 10 Series: Part 1

I've got a lot of stuff on my mind at the moment. After doing the Idol Guitar Solos list at the beginning of last month, my word count generator ground to a bit of a halt. The ideas, on the other hand, kept piling up. I need to do a proper blog on the return of some of my favourites to the idoldom fold, and still have three albums to review (Momusu 12, Yuikaori's Puppy and the Passpo one I never got around to in my last post on here). Plus, of course, it's getting close to Year in Review time. This year I might start writing them a bit earlier than last year, as last year I ended up writing something stupid like 4000 words a day every day for a few days in a row.

But before all that, it's time for perversion.

There are a hell of a lot of fetishes in the world. I can say I have quite a few of the human body-related ones. Actually, make that most. Therefore I decided to make a blog, listing the top ten of all the various bodyparts. However, Dean (who is currently writing for Yonasu) prevailed on me to do every list in detail, with rather a lot of picspam to prove why each person made the top ten.

So I did.

These rankings will, of course, be based completely on my own personal taste. I'm quite aware that my personal taste is questionable (*cough元彼女cough*) but oh well.

So, anyway. The body parts that will have a top ten of them done are as follows:

  • Breasts (ie. actual ones)
  • DFC (delicious flatchest. Tits that ain't)
  • Ass
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Clavicle
  • Lips
  • Belly/Waist/Hips/Pelvis (that general area)
  • Back
9 posts to do then. I'm not doing them in any particular order, I'll just write up when I've actually decided on my top ten. Some of them will, of course, be controversial. But then, this is idols we're talking about. I didn't do one for face, because then I'd be sure to make a category for "Worst" and have Aichan there.

Also not going to do some more higher level fetishes because I don't think the wotasphere is yet ready for a series of blogs on "which idol I most want to tie up" or "which idol I would most like to drink the piss of."


Well, that lowered the tone, didn't it.

Anyway, some general criteria I'm randomly deciding:
  1. Gender doesn't matter. On the other hand I'm more into women than men, so obviously only Matsujun and Kame will make any of the lists. If at all.
  2. Age doesn't matter. So on one hand, Nakazawa Yuko might be included. On the other hand, Kudou Haruka might.
  3. Eligibility. People who are or have been an idol who has been in a group of which at least one single has been released. This means that Shinozaki Ai and Irie Saaya can be included. Which of course locks out 2 of the places in the "actual tits" ranking.
  4. 1-10 rankings not based on numbers or anything else in particular, just a strong desire, with the strongest being higher. Etc.
Anyway, that should do.

So, to the first category.


Because I finished that list first. Firstly I'll do a quick shoutout to Erika's Hello! Project Feet, which is a cool little blog which does exactly what the title says. Not often I see idol blogs related only to a particular fetish, especially a fetish linked mostly with males written by a girl. So quite notable.

Final warning, this post is image heavy. Like, really heavy.

Anyway. Time for the action.

10. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48 Team K)

Truthfully, Yui bores me. She has a boring face. She can be quite funny, but she's attractive in a very bland way. Like Acchan, but with Kansai-ben, which makes her infinitely more awesome. Also part of that equation is that she does have nice feet.

Black and red alternating polish is actually quite cool...
But I can be easily distracted. Ooh, towel...

Her dress is falling off her shoulder. Also nice arches.

Yui looks like Shawako here...

Here too. Just without the epic buckteeth.
Suffice to say the level is already quite high on the "lickable" scale.

9. Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume)

 Reina's another odd case for me. I'm not too fond of her, but she does have almost cuddly-looking feet. Mostly from older PBs and stuff, but she's still showing them off on her blog and suchlike so they don't seem to be too old and veiny yet.

This picture just exacerbates her already terrible wonkiness.

Daww, Reina. What do you mean, there are kittens in this picture? Fluffy things should be destroyed.

Red toe polish that I don't hate? Shock...

Don't think any caption can do justice to the look on her face.

Sulky Reina?

Cute, cute. Moving on...

8. Okada Robin Shouko (THE Possible)

Ah, Robin, the half American chick from the possible. Not sure if her feet are actually this delicious or whether it's just another example of Herbie Yamaguchi being a genius.

Because lying down normally is too boring...

Except when half naked.

Shyly covering oneself...

Before finally resorting to brazen exposure...
Well, Robin's certainly got me going. Next up...

7. Ogawa Mana (Canary Club)

This girl is the reason I didn't put "speaking voice" on the list. She'd win by a mile so I didn't bother. Her singing voice probably would too. Anyway, her feet are little and cute and suckable. Wish I had a scanner so I could scan in her PB, but I don't, so you'll have to make do with magazine scans and blog pics.

When a girl has bigger hands than feet... Dunno where I was going with that thought actually...

Ah, cooling ones heels...

Hooray for foreshortening!

Lost for words due to cuteness...

I ain't into shoes, but this is just win.

Four pics for the price of one? Get in.

Overexposure with the camera, but still cute.

Couldn't help it. Flexibility PHWOAR... eh.
So, Mana's evidently raised the bar even more...

6. Kawashima Umika (9nine)

With Umika, it's not so much that her feet are so amazingly cute (though they are very cute), it's just her seeming desire to show them off so bloody much. In her new DVD she keeps going out of her way to move them into the shot, and at one point even commands the cameraman to focus on her toes. I do love it when girls indulge fetishes so much, so yea.

So this time the toes are cooled and the heels not...

Blue toe polish ftw.

Blue toe polish and sand = more win.

Blue toe polish, sand and water = epic win.

Daww, pajamas.

Interesting angle. And her face that says, "you're fapping to my feet again, aren't you..."

Slightly more normal Umika expression...

Because climbing trees barefoot isn't at all painful...


One flip on, one flip flopped off?

Checking for sexiness.

Not drawing any attention to them at all...

"I took off my flipflop. I bet you're in shock, aren't you?"

"Now stare at them, I dare you."

And finally 6-in-1.
Ah, Umika, such a tease.

5. Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume)

Sayu's feet are really soft looking. And just cute in general, like the rest of her really then.

I wish I was that post...

And that rock...

And that deckchair...

Decoart nails?

Ah, youthful exuberance...

Dunno what that is on her head.

"Lick it!"

The Melancholy of Michishige Sayumi?


Multipics ftw. Also stretching ftw.

Another closeup...

She looks a bit stoned.

Not that I'm complaining.

As long as she keeps doing that pose anyway...

Little toe elevation?


Yes, Sayu. It was a close miss.

Fluffy paper mat?

Silly pose but oh well.

More foreshortening yay.

Definitely wish I was that worktop.

More cute nailart.

And some more melancholy for good measure.

I dunno why but girls barefoot on grass adds 50 cute points to most things.

Especially with the one leg raised trick.

She looks like she's about to stroke the pole with her feet.


This is just really cute for some reason.

Ultimate in soft tissue.
So yea. This pic spam is becoming disturbing. Might try and cut it down a bit... Might.

4. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B)

Mayu's feet aren't her best asset, but they're still awesome.

Peacesign distraction value: 0

Ass distraction value: 100

Barefoot on small stones... Brave girl.

I'm torn between the camera and her feet here.

Running along a pier barefoot is silly, but if she stepped on a fishing hook helping her get it out might be fun...

Noticed in her photobook that she seems to enjoy sticking her feet under running taps...

 But who can blame her for wanting to keep them looking pretty?

Dunno what to make of the outfit, but she's barefoot so oh well.

Big toe gymnastics?

Leg warmers lol.

All I can say is yum.

Giantess Mayu...

Don't you just want to be crushed?

 Evidently, Mayu truly is a fearsome being of perfection.

3. Fujie Reina (AKB48 Team K)

Natsuyaki Miyabi's cousin, but in possession of far finer feet. Some of the pics quality is pretty shit, but her quality shines through nonetheless.

Is nice looking to the background sometimes.

But it's still fun when they climb up on kitchen surfaces.

Or sit in empty bathtubs. This pic really is cute though.

Two nice pics in this one.

Bad quality, but nice feet. Also nice ass.

Aww, scrunched up toes.

Tanned feet oh hells yea.

Upskirt, feet and water. Win win win.

Sand is good.

Climbing on things again...


Her toes are just so "regular". Probably why I like them.
So, up to the top 2.

2. Suzuki Airi (C-ute)

Airi's feet are similar to Sayu's. So soft looking. Too many pictures and getting late so I'm gonna stop captioning.

Which brings us to our number one.

1. Yajima Maimi (C-ute)

I've loved Maimi's feet since I first set eyes on them. Her finger-toes are just awesome. Delicate bone structure and long legs on top = amazingness. Once again, no captions.

Well, that was beautiful.

Next time, another body part. Yay! Hope you enjoyed and also hope your browser didn't crash.


  1. Not my favorite body part but boy, this is a nice collection :D I want to see legs, thighs to be specific!

  2. It's by far the best body part! I want to see MOAR!