FAKSM #15: Meza Virs - Crestfallen

Been a while since a song has came along and truly messed with my mind in a way that I could class it as a FAKSM, so allow me to present a song that did it to me a while back.

[audio:|titles=03. Crestfallen]

Some background, Meza Virs is a group from Singapore, that veritable melting pot of just about every influence and culture ever. I was introduced to their music by my fellow admin on Chthonic's forums, who wanted to show me that Singapore could do this kind of thing too. I listened to it and found myself blown away. He had been rather correct.

This can be classed as the last Gothic/Symphonic metal song I actually really enjoyed in its own right. While Chthonic's Seediq Bale and Mirror of Retribution albums were good, they worked as albums more than a collection of songs. Likewise with Cradle, though I've not enjoyed them since Thornography anyway. I'm not sure entirely why I like it so much though. Or maybe I do. The song goes from generic symphonic metal stuff into a low industrial-esque hum with the (frankly rubbish) male vocalist "growling" (talking in a strained voice) on top. Then a piano breakdown and some triphop elements. And then into the highlight, more symphonic metal with the most awesome pop vocal melody ever. The drums are restrained, the bass is barely audible, but it's awesome. Then come the black metal-esque tremolo riffs, which are also cool. The clean guitar bit is next, and that's also fucking awesome. Then it's back to the pop melody. It makes me hard.

So yea. FAKSM. Though more a FAKS of a few years ago. But still, it's awesome.

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