Return of the Babymetal

On March 7th, 2012, BABYMETAL will unleash their most grim and unholy CD Debut, "Ii Ne!", along with those kvlt practitioners of necro blasphemies, "Kiba of Akiba", as an infernal split release with which to plague the earth.

So went the intro line I wrote for Dean over at Yonasu which he didn't use. But anyway, Babymetal are back, this time with a split-single (how metal is that?) with some silly Wota-ish Death Pop group.

I didn't bother writing about it until now, as there wasn't much to write about.

Now, the PV's out. I grabbed the TS file, fiddled with it a lot then uploaded it to Dailymotion, so here, enjoy:

So, first thing this reminds me of is Blood Stain Child. Techno Metal, with a hint of Gothenburg-ish Death Metal. Except that weird assed "take the piss out of rapper" bit. And the vocoding on some of the vocals. And trying to pass off the deathgrowls as Sumetal's work.

But still, as I said in my last post, it shows that Japan still hasn't lost its touch for genre-fuckery. Much as it's not the best metal ever, nor is it decent techno, it's idols and it's amazingly silly just because of that. For Momoclo, it's even more bizarre, as they're all psychotic. With Sakugaku, you don't have quite as much insanity, and Sumetal's fast approaching the end of middle-school, which is Sakugaku's "too old, gtfo" age. So Babymetal's time is limited, unless they rotate the members or something. But still, that they pull this off at their age is cool. Now just need a better songwriter for them. So, question time, which metal composer would write the best songs for them? My money's on Ihsahn or Heavy Devy.

I'm rambling now, seemingly.

Also, their kitsune is weak. Do some proper horns.

Honestly, I would have preferred that Ijime! Dame! Zettai! were released. From what I've heard of it, despite it sounding sort of X Japan-ish, it's a stronger song than either Ii Ne! or Doki-Doki Morning. Plus it has a wall of death when they play it live.

Fuck yea.


  1. You bastard. I just saw this myself and was thinking of posting it. It appears you've beaten me to it.

    In any case, crazy ass song. I really quite enjoyed the "blow it out your ass, rappers" part that you mentioned. Indeed, though... if only they did everything here but with some proper songwriting to back them up. Would kick so much ass.

  2. Still, would love to go to one of their gigs and show them a true pit of chaos. Won't rest until Moa has whiplash from windmilling.

  3. Me too. Man, Moa puts the metal in BABYMETAL.

    PS. Your video got removed, reupload with a sneaky name? :)

  4. Didn't think Dailymotion would even get flagged, so deleted the video from my HDD. I'm so pro :P

    Someone has it on youtube. Of course, only a matter of time until that goes but it'll do for now.

    2 hours later and it's down already...

  5. Jeez. Why won't they upload it on their official channel already...

  6. They uploaded the short size version so I changed the vid to that :P