FAKSM #18 - It All Works Out All Right

So, my head has been slain by all the recent weird comings and goings of idol singles. All of them are seemingly summer themed, except for the Ebichuu single I spoke about not long ago. Now, when I got the single, and was highly impressed with it, one track in particular stood out to me. It was a C-side that was better than the pop/waltz/silliness A-side and the lolwtfmetal B-side.

[audio:|titles=Kekka Alright]

It's called Kekka Alright. It begins with an electric guitar quoting Bach's Toccata and Fugue, then flows full throttle into multilayered guitars weaving interesting patterns and delicate themes. The vocals aren't so much sung as they are spoken. The bassline takes the randomness and pulls it together into some semblance of form, and the drums are fun. The vocals become layered too at points, and the middle eight choral section is truly mesmorising. The syncopation in the chorus makes everything sound cool. The addition of brass instruments add a bit of a ska feel, and in general it's all just moderately controlled chaos. The end quotes Fur Elise (I think, though can't be sure) and then just has a girl saying "all right" with a beep. Proggy much?

This just concludes to me that the Stardust groups are, by far, getting the best songwriters at the moment. This song was written by a girl called Tamurapan (real name: Tamura Ayumi), who writes some really weird but cool songs. In addition to her, they have the madcap genius of Hyadain (aka: Maedayama Ken'ichi), the "I use everything in every genre" awesomeness of Coalter of the Deeper's NARASAKI, the occasional talents of AKIRASTAR (usually known from Buono!) and the one time epic collaboration of
godOotsuki Kenji from Kinniku Shoujotai and Ian Parton from The Go! Team. If any other idols have had such a talent lineup behind them as Momoclo and Ebichuu, I've not found them yet.

Honestly, I wish more Jpop were so epic instead of being like Momusu at the moment.

Plus AKB's recent singles mostly all sound the same (except when they play them themselves and make lots of amusing mistakes)...

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