Babymetal's new single is out on July 4th, and today the music video was released.

My reaction?


Dat organ. Those choirs. THE HARPSICHORD!

Plus the metal, of course.

SUMETAL's really improved as a vocalist, which is good, as this song is fucking awesome. DokiDoki Morning was funny. Ii ne was interesting and had some very good bits.

This, there's no denying it, is full on metal.

And it's delicious. Sat here headbanging the fuck out of my neck. Poor neck.

The song was written by NARASAKI (known by most idol fans for doing the Momoclo single Pinky Jones, plus the album song Ame no Tachikarao and the B-side Lost Child. He also did the Bloody Christmas for those who've forgotten).

Obviously he drew on his Bloody Christmas experience when writing this, because they both have elements of Death and Black metal. But of course, being in COALTER OF THE DEEPERS he's got plenty of experience already.

Dunno what I'm on about anymore, but this song is epic. I want it. Shame I'm in France when it comes out, but will get it as soon as I'm back.


  1. And that "holy shit" was genuine. The first songs were good for the novelty factor and it was like "hey, this is sorta metal!" ... but now they finally took it a step further and fucking did it for real. They went and made it real metal mixed with J-pop. No more half-assing it. We're there. The bit at 1:27-> and the solo at 2:28-> aren't a fucking joke, it's the real deal. I could be listening to shit like that even without BABYMETAL singing on top of it.

    Fucking fantastic. This, I would say, is the real birth of idol metal. By far the most authentic metal song released by any idol group so far, as far as I'm aware of. I don't know if you can get much closer to what my vision of "idol metal" is.

    All in all, it's a pretty fucking solid song. Seriously.

  2. I nominate this as the official theme song of this site.

  3. I second that motion :P

    This just blasted everything out of the water. BiS can stay mental, Momoclo can stay prog, but Babymetal just planted their flag right on top of the idol-metal genre and I don't think they'll rescind it without a fight now.

    Hopefully NARASAKI can do some more of their songs. Draft in a few of the tr00 Japanese musicians (Kawashima Mirai, Oshima You, Vivian Slaughter) and we're on.

    Damn, I want to write them a song now :P


    unfortunately, the b-side has dubstep innit...