Of Perverted Proclivities and Pristine Maidens

Also known as part two of my Token Pervy Post from last year which was short on actual perversion and merely existed as a sort-of mid-year update of recent idols that had caught my interest. Expect minor predictions on my next Idols of the Year list or whatever, plus a small dose of randomness or whatever I feel like typing at any given moment.

First randomness: Why the hell won't Blogspot let me save this damn thing as a draft whenever it has the word "Perverted" in the title? Bloody google.

Anyway, onwards we ride, with sunlight burning our eyes, into the depths of... heaven?

Kinoshita Momoka

Oh the pictures I could have used for this post. Now, as I said in my rather longwinded account of my discovery of her, she is fucking insane. Which is, of course, awesome. I think I've now come to terms with the fact that completely mental chicks just hit all my buttons. Of course, actually being with them is often exhausting, but still. They're nuts. Anyway, Momoka, despite being injured at the moment, is win. She actually attempted to record her entire Senbatsu Election video covered in fake blood:

But the management stopped her. In retaliation, she jumped in the shower with all her clothes on and recorded the video soaking wet, and just told everyone to vote for Mayuyu, unless they really liked her. As Mayu placed 2nd and Kimoshita not at all, I'm guessing people voted for Mayu. Still, she's mental as a really mental thing and I love it.

Nakamoto Suzuka

SU-METAL ftw. I've been a moderate follower of her since the Karen Girl's days, and in Sakugaku she's always been my favourite, but this year, with Babymetal releasing of both Ii ne and Headbanger, she's catapulted far up my rankings. She can sing pretty damn well, she's grown into what used to be an abnormally large head from her younger days and now seems to be picking up the beginnings of sexiness rather than cuteness, and in general just rocks the shit out of anything she's doing. Unfortunately she's only got under a year until she graduates from Sakura Gakuin (because they get kicked out once they finish middle school), but I would hope that they let her keep doing Babymetal. Or go solo. Or join a band. Because she's too awesome.

Hirota Aika

Aiai confuses the hell out of me. She's really tiny and cute and such, but seems to be rather insane (as made obvious by her dress sense. If you want your mind to break, check out the rest of the pics on her blog). She also has an incredibly high speaking voice (worse than helium) and a derpy speech impediment, yet her singing voice is low and pretty strong for someone her age and tinyness. She also confuses me in that just about every non-Japanese wota who has some interest in Ebichuu is an Aiai oshi. Myself included. Decidedly odd.

Murashige Anna

Another in my halfie collection, Anya is yet another complete nutter. In contrast to Kimoshita's psychopathy, in which she acts outrageously to disturb people, Anya is more loud and noisy for the sake of annoying people. She readily admits that she's a masochist; fans kept calling her ShigeAn, which she posted on G+ that annoyed her, but because she's a masochist she enjoyed it. Or something. She constantly gets into loli-fights with her hetero-lifemate Uitan (Komori Yui. Anya's reasons for liking Uitan were enumerated on her G+, namely: 1. She's small; 2: She's small; 3: She's small; 4. She's small; 5: She's small), engages in random semi-flashmob dancing, and acts as a willing victim for Sasshiharassment now that Sasshi's in HKT. Oh, she also gives Russian lessons. Not too shabby. Keep at it, nutter!

Iwata Karen

Karen is probably now my oshi in AKB, after like more than a year of being oshi-less since Maachan's graduation and Nacchan's firing on the verge of me declaring her to be my oshi. However, I can't honestly figure out why. I mean, sure, she's cute. She has Itano-like eyebags though, which disturbs me someone and gives her a constant stoned/"what the fuck am I doing here" expression. Promoted rather quickly to Team 4, she only joined in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami which fucked her family up (she's from Miyagi). Now, already, she's been the lead role in the AKB anime, has got her own TV show starting in August which follows up on the victims of the tsunami, and had her own version of a charity song which she sang rather beautifully. Also, she aspires to be a captain like Sayaka rather than a frontgirl. Which is an interesting choice. Still, altogether, she's pretty damn awesome. Oh, and she can be silly too. Watch the Nemousu Season 10 Elementary School Graduation thingy if you don't believe me. Her amusing fails at gymnastics were epic.

Momota Kanako

Now pretty much established as my second favourite in Momoclo behind Momoka, Kanako is pretty win. She's a bit of an idiot, but she's silly, rather amusing, always grinning at something, and is very flexible, which leads me to have rather more naughty thoughts about Kanako than I do about Momoka. Plus she's 18 now... Those facts alone are pretty good, but she's also rather photogenic. Plus her fans are awesome. So yea.

Ishida Ayumi

Damn I hate going back on myself, but Ayumi has actually impressed me. When she joined I thought she was going to be crap. Could already dance, looked boring in the auditions, had a weird assed Jaws-esque look that reminded me of Aika... Then everything else happened. She is, it turns out, quite weird. From her and Riho destroying Fairies with a dance full of silliness to her being completely incapable of talking much because she's always fucking grinning like a nutter, she's impressed me. Plus now I realised she looks more like Ogura Yui than Aika, so I can rest peacefully.

Suda Akari

Speaking of grinning too fucking much, here's Suda Akari. She's also flexible as fuck, a bit like Kanako, and as she's like 21 or something I have no qualms about imagining doing all sorts of things to her. Plus her eyes have that slightly glazed, unblinking, "I'm going to stalk and murder you" look that I find so attractive. You know, this one. Also, she looks rather similar to Nikaido Fumi, who was in the new Sono Sion film "Himizu", which once again made me remember why I like psycho girls. But back to Suda, she's just rather awesome. And mildly unstable. Fakjea.

Some honourable mentions: Shiromu Miru, Isohara Kyoka, Yamamoto Hitomi, Jo Eriko, Yogi Keira and Kotani Riho.

Group-wise, two have caught my attention recently, namely:

Himekyun Fruits Can

Ehime's local idols, they are quite rock inspired. However, one song in particular has been stuck in my head for fucking ages and it annoys me no end that it won't get the fuck out. That, unfortunately, means the hook is too amazing. It's this:

Either way, none of their songs have outrightly annoyed me yet, so I'm looking forward to reviewing their debut album which is out at some point in the next month or two.

Party Rockets

A Sendai-based group of rock/thrash metal idols who are apparently the little-sister group of Dorothy Little Happy.

The song actually has some metal worth, and it amuses me no end to find that they're on Avex Trax, which I always thought was the hardcore urban Avex label. Plus they're pretty good vocalists. Hell yea. Looking forward to some moar.

Also, suppose I can't mention metal-idols without adding an addendum about Alice Juuban, who take perfectly normal pop songs then add some metal breakdowns in them, have chainsaws on a beach in their PVs, and headbang and stage dive in their gigs. Fucking nutters...

Anyway, enjoy. No doubt by the end of the year I'll have forgotten about all of these and moved onto others, but still, nice to keep a record of where I'm at with idols at the moment I suppose.

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