FAKSM #20: World's End Girlfriend - "DECALOGUE minus 8"

I came by chance upon a song one day. Have you ever got bored with the music you're currently listening to, but want to find something similar? Often I do, and I turn to's frankly astoundingly useless radio. Useless because quite often it's all put down to the "similar artists" bit, which I've no idea how they figure out. For example, my band has a load of National Socialist Black Metal as similar artists. Just because we once released a split with one of them.

On the other hand, this dissonance in values and incompetence often leads to staggering revelations of musical taste, things that you'd never think to listen to actually sounding quite decent. For example, I discovered Jesu from Napalm Death's radio station (an easily link considering Broadrick's involvement in both). From Jesu I discovered the delights of Alcest, the only French band I've liked since Indochine.

One day I was sitting, blissfully unaware, listening to some radio of recommendations (obviously will know what I should be listening to, with my artists so full of Jpop, Metal and Prog), and I find this.

My mind reels. This is the most insane thing I've ever heard. And I love it. I have no idea what genre it is, I'll just leave it at "experimental" and hope you experiment with it. I hope your mind breaks as much as mine did.


  1. The hell. That was very, very weird, but oddly very listenable still. Regardless of the fact that it's walking a very thin line between "interesting" and "annoying" for me, I'm gonna have to check this guy out.

  2. A lot of people swear more by Les Enfants du Paradis. It even has a music video and is incredibly listenable without being annoying. I just find Decalogue a bit more mental and up my street.

    Of course, the non-Seven Idiots albums are all more slow and drone-ish. Don't know what to expect from this guy most of the time.