FAKSM #24: When Love Just Keeps Growing... and Growing...

Have you ever heard a song that you really quite liked, but never thought was a masterpiece? Put it to the back of your mind for a couple of years, then as the years go by you recall it with ever increasing clarity; a resounding refrain in your mind as you scramble around trying to remember what that damn song is. Then you find it, listen again, and your world is transformed. You ever heard a song like that? Because I have. Only it's a repeating pattern, and with every oscillation it only gets stronger.

So, what the hell is it?

Once again I have to take you back to my old days of Star Wars geekdom, when I frequented a certain forum. There were a few musicians on there apart from me, some of the more notable ones were Charlie Griffiths from Beats' favourite Haken and also Anchorhead, Dan Golding from the Dili Allstars, and the bassist from a little unknown band from Belgium. This is about the little unknown band.

Called Ruby Ridge, after the massacre, I think they recorded two demos and then split up, before reforming with another name which I don't know. They might even be popular now, but I don't have a clue. Anyway, I'm making very little sense. Here's the song. It's called Cajun Rumble.

[audio:|titles=Ruby Ridge - Cajun Rumble]

The mix is a bit rough, it is a demo, but to me it's become one of those songs when every time I pick up a guitar I just have to play it. There aren't many of those I have, Emperor's I Am The Black Wizards and Cradle of Filth's Cthulhu Dawn are probably my most frequent warmup songs, but Cajun Rumble is quickly approaching those in frequency. And every time I play it, I feel like hearing it. And every time I hear it, I feel happy. So yes, a raw, unknown for a FAKSM. I hope one day I find out what the band was renamed as so I can find more of their music. Nothing even exists online anymore, it's disturbing.

Still, enjoy.

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