Babymetal's Megitsune is probably the most brutal piece of music I've heard from the last five years...

So, firstly, what don't I like about this song?

Well... it's not long enough. Something this amazing should be at least 12 minutes long and feature several long instrumental breaks. The dancing shamisenists in the PV are distracting, as are the flash-rewind cuts of Yui and Moa. But that's PV, not song. Shit, I've got nothing.

Babymetal have, once again, taken the bar, raised it, and then just thought, "you know, fuck the bar" and blown it up for fun. Apologies for that comma overdose.

The genre mixing has hit full throttle, to the extent that even Babymetal's management can't seem to figure out what fucking genre it is. Their attempt goes something like:

" MATSURI "metal means mix of Heavy Metal,Metalcore,Screamo,Break Down,2-Step,J-Pop Music,Enka( Japanese popular song which is full of melancholy),Matsuri...Hybrid style of music.

I think they just sort of gave up towards the end. I dunno who wrote this song yet, but they deserve an award. Though if it were Freddy Lim, of Chthonic, considering their latest album and his Momoclo wotadom, I honestly would not be surprised in the slightest. That breakdown in the middle is pure Chthonic.

At first I was honestly more excited by the prospect of the utterly hilarious Yui/Moa bside, Onedari Daisakusen. It features a weird mashup that sounds mostly like Limp Bizkit, but with rather large dollops of In Flames, Blood Stain Child and Pendulum to go along with it, plus probably the silliest (but most hilarious) lyrics of all time. The other bside wasn't bad either...

Now though, nope. This has won me over before I've even heard a clear rip of Onedari Daisakusen. This is glorious, brutal and holy fucking hell can Suuchan sing now. Get them a real band, stat. This is perfect.


  1. hmm... no comments yet? errmmm... i dunno what to make of the a-side... enka, seriously??? i prefer akatuki (red moon). but it looks like they banking on the silly moa/yui duet b-side instead, since they put it on all the limited versions. and wotas always seem to pre-order the limited stuff.

  2. The chorus rocks and I do like the sick combination of metal + enka. But while I do like it overall, to me there are two things the song could've done without.

    1) The techno of Ii ne. This is the main thing. I wish they would've kept it metal all the way through. Whenever that part comes in (0:14, 0:43, 2:34, 3:43), I'm basically brought out of the metal illusion. I wish they would've found some other way to do the genre mixing thing while also keeping it metal, because as it is, the song feels to me like they took a step back in heaviness which really is a shame.

    2) Those fucking metalcore vocals during the breakdown. You'd think I might've by now gotten used to them over the years, but no. It actually reminds me of when I was trying to somehow come to appreciate death metal vocals... but trying to get to like metalcore vocals when you already like death metal vocals is -- assuming you're a straight guy -- like trying to adjust to ass fucking a prison transvestite after you've already slept with a woman. Probably doable under the right circumstances but, well... I'm not in prison.

  3. 1) I honestly don't mind the techno bits. I can get how they might suck to some, but I still love the old bit of Blood Stain Child which probably makes me a bit biased. At least they didn't go the full nine yards and do something like this...
    2) Pig squeals are metalcore? I've not heard them in metalcore (not that I listen to much), I always thought they were a grindcore thing, mostly heard them in goregrind and techdeath to be honest :P Of course, I just searched it on Youtube and found a bunch of shit by those shitty deathcore bands, so maybe you're right and I've just not been paying attention :P

  4. Wait, I thought the "bree bree" shit is what they call pig squeals? In any case, I dunno, it was probably wrong of me to call them "metalcore vocals"... I'm thinking you're right in that it's closer to deathcore, or even grindcore. I was probably talking out of my ass on that one (just goes to show I'm no metalcore expert!). Still... I don't like them.
    And yeah, I've never been into Blood Stain Child, so there's that.

    Ah well. It's not like the song's terrible anyhow. It already grew on me while listening to it a couple of times as I wrote that last comment. Ask me again three months later and I'll be like "god damn I really knew nothing when I left that comment."

  5. To be pig-squealing is sort of an overtone-singing version of normal death growls, in that it sounds like a high-pitched scream (not Dani Filth high, but pretty high) whilst retaining the brutality of deathgrowls.

    The bit that annoys me on repeated listens is that "jiggy jiggy wasshoi" bit. Sounds like Berryz or something. Really spoils the mood even more than the techno.