Koharu's Graudation

So, Koharu is graduating. Yes, I waited a while to post this. I haven't posted anything in ages. Maybe I should start again. Obviously I already am otherwise I wouldn't have posted this, but oh well.

So, anyway. She is leaving. Her choice of new career is to be a model. As seen above, it's clearly something she can pull off without much effort. In fact, that pose above was violated by Dran and myself at Eurowota, and since then we've renamed the wonderful tradition of groping in her honour. Now, when Japanese police accuse you of being a "chikan" on trains after you naughtily grope a young schoolgirl's bottom, you can say, "Chigau. Ore wa chikan ja nai! Ore wa tada koharu desu." (You're wrong, I'm not a chikan. Just a koharu.). The verb form is "to koharu", the present continuous is "koharuing", future is "will koharu" and past is "koharu'd". Now you know.

Anyway, so, my thoughts on it...

I'm glad. This may come as a bit of a surprise, most blogs I've seen seem to be in outright shock or regret. Myself, I don't overly care. Koharu wasn't my favourite. Nor was she my least favourite. I'm just glad that finally something is happening in Momusu. I agree that the 9-person lineup they've had for the past two years has been good. I won't say it's the strongest ever, I think they achieved that when the 4th gen joined, but I digress.

For those who say, "why Koharu?" I say "why not?" She has enough popularity to last on her own, the solo singles are proof of that. She's had 4 years, more than a lot of members had. She's still young enough to make herself a new career. And, of course, Gaki needs someone new to make fun of.

So yea, I'm glad she's gone. Hopefully now the 9th gen will commence and won't include Jang Dayun. Then we can look forward to a new future of Momusu, where people can graduate again :D

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