Top 20 Favourite Idols - 20-11

Because I didn't have a definitive list. And also, every now and then I see something which makes me think "She's awesome" and will go straight to near the top of my list.

So... I doubt this list will last very long. It's a bit ephermeral. Not all the girls are H!P. But oh well, here goes...

20 - Kamei Eri

Firstly, it's Eri. Because she's cute, a nutter, more cute, and more nutter. When she joined, she was a bit dull. Didn't really do much. Then suddenly she was Eric Kamezou and Elizabeth Kyamei and all hell broke loose. But, more than anything, any girl who finds crowded trains nice and hides under tables is good enough. Plus the number of almost upskirts in her photobooks is beyond belief. Dammit Eri, I wanna see your pantsu already!

19 - Ohse Ami

Now, if you've never heard of her, I'm really not surprised. Basically, she's another from the Negima Live Action, and she's got a kickass voice. She plays Yue, my favourite character. She's a Baka Ranger, and basically just a philosopher who hates studying. Ami's job in the live action was one of only about 4 characterisations that were any good at all. Unfortunately it seems like the Baka Rangers short episode videos were deleted from Youtube. Instead, I'll link the "opening theme". She's Baka Black.

18 - Iida Kaori

Oh noes, old member. I'm a big fan of Johnson. She was one of the first Momusu members I liked, thanks to Ayaka's Surprise English lessons, and her crazy assed communications. Then her constant teasing on Utaban, and her odd role on Haromoni Theatre, means that she's still my favourite Momusu member before 4th gen. Plus, she could be pretty damn sexy when she wanted...

17 - Okada Robin Shouko

This is a weird one really. I like The Possible's music, but don't really know much about them. However, Robin stood out to me, a) Because she's cute as hell, b) because she's half white. Not a lot to base fandom on, but who cares. She's cute. And looks amazing as a punk, not to mention a bass-wielding loli...

16 - Niigaki Risa

Well, pretty obvious. Gaki is a nutter. From the instant she started giving her "stupid answers" on the Bakajo test I thought she was funny. Come up through the ages with her insane reactions and long-winded conversations about "good buildings" and one senses that she's still an idiot, but an awesome one. Plus she's grown up very nicely from the Mayuge-Aho into a very cute young woman.

15 - Hirano Aya

If you don't know who Aya is, you're missing out. She started out in the U15 idol group Springs, before moving to voice-acting for anime and games. In this guise she took on several notable roles, including Amane Misa (Death Note), Suzumiya Haruhi, Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), etc etc. She also sings. Quite a lot. Had one single produced by Tsunku. Was pretty good. But she excels at pop punk, and her one metal-ish song was awesome.

14 - Yajima Maimi

Ah, Maimi. If there's anyone in H!P who should be a lapdancer, it's her. She's cute, hot, and rather normal, which for me is odd. Maybe I'm so used to strange idols by now that a normal one is a breath of fresh air. Also, she's quick, intelligent (in comparison to most H!P girls), and a complete dojikko (clumsy person). And she can sing. All in all, a complete package.

13 - Arihara Kanna

She is no more! She has ceased to be! She has expired and gone to meet her maker! This is a late idol! She's a stiff! Bereft of life, she rests in peace! If you hadn't said she had a bunion she'd be pushin' up the daisies! She's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible!

Alas, that is Kanna. Our favourite lesbian sweat-fetishist groper in C-ute. Her craziness has gone down in legend. She is missed. C-ute has been going downhill since she left, so I guess her craziness and attempted lovemaking with other members are what makes the new 5-member C-ute suck so much. So here's to the memories...

Damn embedding disabled by request...

12 - Michishige Sayumi

Well... Sayu is... how to say? Cute, sexy, funny, provocative, annoying, a complete bitch, but still awesome. So yea, she can't sing, but who cares? She's there to look hot, and she does it admirably. Then of course, she goes and pisses everyone off too, which is great fun. Yay for Sayu!

11 - Lightbulb

Commonly known in Japan as Youko, and in Taiwan by her real name, Zhou Guo Rong, her nickname is Lightbulb. During the New Star auditions she would constantly turn off, ignore everything, then suddenly remember where she was and start talking again. This really endeared her to me, so she makes the list. Plus she's really pokably cute.


  1. "...she's still an idiot, but an awesome one." LOL