Buono! - Our Songs

Yay, the first single-related blog since a long time ago. Anyway.

Basically the gist of this PV is that they're floating, moving too fast and being silly. But who cares, it's Buono! They're all sexy, they're all funny, and they're all cute.

Also, the song is the strongest since My Boy, and my second favourite Buono! a-side thus far. The tune is awesome. The lyrics are much better than the handclap crap of Bravo. And Momo's tshirt is worth extra points.

Thus I'd give this single a steady 9/10. Easily the best H!P single since My Boy. Buono! are now the class act to beat. C-ute have drastically gone downhill, Berryz are as meh as always, and Momusu's new single = wtf???

So yes. Buono! for the win.

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