Top 20 Favourite Idols - 10-1

So, here is part two of my favourite idol list.

10 - Tsugunaga Momoko

Momoko is basically insane. If you were to put her in a room she would bounce off the walls, if you tied her down she'd probably enjoy it, and if you asked her to do something insane, she'd probably do it for the hell of it. All of this plus Momo's terrible drumming skills, terrible cooking skills, 100% wonderful buttocks and friendly mammaries make her worth a lot of time. My life's ambition is to get her a solo project, produced and aided by Devin Townsend, Kawashima Mirai and Dr. Mikannibal from Sigh, and Boris.

9 - Suzuki Airi

Airi, the snaggletooth idol! Despite this, she's insanely cute, and has a wonderful flat chest. She's a bit weird, a bit not weird, and gets all the lines in C-ute songs nowadays, but don't hate her for it. It's not like she's sucking off Tsunku to get the lines. I mean, imagine the damage her tooth would do...

8 - Junjun

My favourite of the current Momusu. Junjun is a psychopath. In her quest for bananas, nothing can stand in her way. She will destroy everything. Oh, she's also starting to display lesbian tendencies, like trying to have baths with Reina, and getting more and more like Sayu with her insane cute + evil character. Plus she's Chinese, and looks about 10 years younger than she is. Which is awesome.

7 - Yoshizawa Hitomi

Yossie was my first favourite. Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons drew me in, and Yossie killed me. Her boyish charm and random humour just got me going somehow, so I was dead. Oddly enough, I don't really find her that attractive. She's just brilliant, which is how she gets so high. My adoration of her was cemented when I saw the Mr Moonlight video. I still think that song should be retired. Aichan sucks at singing it. Hangry & Angry are awesome too.

6 - Hirano Tomomi

Who!? I hear you ask. She's a very new Egg. She never smiles. She apparently can't sing. On the other hand, she's insanely cute, she's 25 and doesn't look a day over 12, and has a degree. Plus she has the cutest speaking voice I've ever heard, and seems like a cross between Konkon's personality and Kanna's face.

Embedding disabled by request. Scroll to 2:33 for Tomomi

5 - Ogawa Mana

This girl is adorable. She did the themetune for Hyakko, and I saw the video and thought it was the ultimate in afro-moe. Then I saw her do it with straight hair, and thought it was even more moe. Then I saw a little segment of her DVD... I died. In the words of Maximum the Hormone... Chuu chuu lovely munimuni muramura purin purin boron nururu rerorero!

Afro Version

Non Afro Version

4 - Konno Asami

Yes, Konkon herself is in at number four. The ultimate "slow" idol, she never really caught my eye until two things happened. The first, I saw 13nin Gakkari Xmas. Her emo-ness and silliness and general craziness in that made me love her. Then I saw her PBs. I liked her before, because she was smart, and cute, and looked all spaced out most of the time. But after those two things, shwing. She's been flying high since.

3 - Miyazawa Sae

The newest addition to my list and only AKB girl. I discovered her quite by accident when I watched the USA version of the River PV, and she was the one who drew my eye throughout it. I set about finding her name, then watching videos, then obtaining her photobook, and I liked. She's the Genking, apparently, so she's rather hyper and nuts, which is great.

2 - Kuwae Sakina

Yes, my former number one. Unfortunately my wonderful loli vampire from Chiba was replaced by my new number one, but she retains her high standing (in a manner of speaking, considering she's still only 4'3"...). So, yea, I've posted about her before, so not really much more I can say. She has no photobook either. However, there is a new youtube video...


That's right. AKINA, formerly of Folder 5, formerly of Folder, formerly solo artist, former actress. Nowadays she just does gravure, but dammit if it isn't the most erotic stuff I've ever seen...

This is part 1 of the first episode of the drama she's in. Can't remember if she's in it at the beginning, but she's the one who constantly teases Nino and Oguri Shun about being virgins.

Anyway, that's my list of favourite idols. Phew. 6h30 that took me.

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