BiS - Brand New Idol Society

So, Henkka's last two posts about metal idols were good. But I'm going to try and top it.

Meet BiS, the new shock
rockersidols in town. They seem to be ultimate in underground (the fact that they've appeared on Tsuntube lends credence to this theory, as before that program I'd heard of The Possible and Shinozaki Ai's tits, now I know more idol groups than subspecies of lizards), yet their production is unusually above the level where underground pop generally dwells.

They seem to have been formed when a bored female Jrocker called pour lui got even more bored with the shit she was releasing, and decided to form an idol group. Thus, BiS. At least BiS doesn't have quite as terrible a use of autotune. (Yes, I'm aware not all of Pour Lui's songs were that shit. But hell...)

But yes, just to whet your appetite I'll give you the first BiS PV I'll link to. It features headbanging. It also features high octane lesbianism that would make t.A.t.U proud. More on that later.

[youtube KzvO6v71EXk]

The song is also quite good. Quite dark. Reminds me of 9nine's weird Sleepy Forest Girl song but heavier. The lesbianism in the video is passionate as fuck, so I guess that's good fapping material for a while.

A brief rundown on the members:

Pour Lui
Born: 20/8/90
Terashima Yufu
Born: 8/7/91
Nakayama Yukiko
Born: 11/11/91
Hirano Nozomi
Born: 15/5/92

Their next PV also broke the mold a bit. Not much, but a bit. Was basically shot by fans on iPhones.

However, the PV after that, released merely a week later, was the start of some rather obvious infamy.

Why yes, it's the "nude" PV.

[youtube wSI-IJls5Vg]

While they weren't actually quite naked (you can see white knickers in some shots and it's pretty obvious by the lack of nipplage they had plasters on or something), it certainly got a reaction. I also enjoyed some of the actual camerawork, and the lomo-esque colours. Feels like the type of music video Alcest would shoot or something. Again, the song is quite a decent piece of pop rock.

Finally, their most recent PV, known as "primal."

[youtube sKnFnhoXiCU]

Featuring home footage of them as children, what appears to be a home-sex tape, gore and cameras going down the member's gullets, amongst other things. All in all it seems to be a compilation of just about everything "idols shouldn't do", and considering the shots of 2ch and blogpics and suchlike I'm wondering if it isn't a direct response to a member's scandal (lol, indie idols, scandal? Shock).

So yes, it seems to me as if BiS are going down the shock rock route. But as idols. I do think I enjoy it.

But still, until they produce something as strongly fucked up as t.A.t.U's Белый Плащик*, they ain't going to convince me of their true shock rock credentials.

*=As the most seriously fucked up thing I can remember any young female group doing. Unfortunately not even t.A.t.U can top Gorgoroth's Carving a Giant, or Satyricon's Mother North, which is a shame as Gorgoroth and Satyricon suck lately.

And of course most Rammstein videos. And just about any Jonas Akerlund video...

But I digress.


  1. They actually had a USTREAM of a live show last night. :D I was able to catch it and it was very fun.

    Yufu joined BiS around the middle of this year after Rinahamu left, Rina is in the 'Paprika' PV (the t.A.T.u. tribute one). I think Yufu fits in well with the group a lot more, when she debuted with BiS at a live show I saw a tweet where some guy uploaded a photo of her white safety pants with her autograph on them. Lucky guy!

    BiS also had a weekly show on USTREAM which ended a few months back, it was interesting. Basically an hour of the girls sitting at a desk and studying about different things on what makes an idol. The group calls themselves a DIY idol group. The two times I tuned in to watch were fun, one of them they were watching K-POP music videos on youtube and the other time their manager/the host brought out a stack of Japanese gravure magazines and they just stared at girls in bikinis for an hour. UK wasn't interested in the gravure at all though which I found cool.

    The group also held a contest earlier this year where fans could send in compositions for a song to them. Anyone could enter so it didn't matter if they were professionals or just amateurs, I think the guidelines said you could even hum a tune and submit it. I forgot what song it ended up being but maybe 'My Ixxx' since it came out a couple of months after the contest. Either way, 'My Ixxx' is my favourite BiS song and I love singing along to it. The PV is beautiful too. Yufu wasn't in that single so when they perform it live she shares lines with Nozomi.

    There's also a track BiS did with tengal6 who are a hip-hop idol unit, it was released as a free download earlier this year. It's a really great song but I'm not sure if you'll like it. I've re-uploaded it here:

  2. Ahh, I recognize that "nude" PV. Didn't realize this was the same group.
    That most recent PV is pretty ballsy for an idol PV, I like that.