Idol Body Parts Top 10 Series: Part 2

So, it's time for part two of my image-spam fiesta of the late autumn. This time, working up the body slightly, is Legs. For those of you who don't like legs, wait a while and I might have a post waiting for you that has a body part more to your liking. For those that do, the following post might just tide you over for a while.

So, a recap of the lists that are still to come:

  • Breasts (ie. actual ones)
  • DFC (delicious flatchest. Tits that ain't)
  • Ass
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Clavicle
  • Lips
  • Belly/Waist/Hips/Pelvis (that general area)
  • Back
  • Armpits
I added armpits because I suddenly suffered a surfeit of shimmering sexyness also known as Miyabi's armpits. Add to that realising that another girl had a armpit that looked kind of like a vagina and I was set.

Anyway, onto the legs. This time I will try to contain myself somewhat and limit myself to a maximum of twenty pictures per person. Seems fair. Also, people may criticise due to a lack of certain old ladies from Momusu. Tough shit. I haven't got any pictures of them so I can't really rank them thus I can't really put them in this picspam post.

Right, onwards to victorythe goods or death.

10. Miyazawa Sae

Ah, Sae. AKB's most prominent manwhore. So, she lacks a penis. That's never stopped anyone. She also has some nice legs. They can look weird sometimes, but her thighs are firm looking so that's cool. She also usually has a fabulous tan.

Obviously the shirt was cramping her style.

Why does sky blue do so much for a female figure?

Pissed as fuck.

Because backwards is better.

Leg only tanning?

James Bond? Yea, fuck that guy. I have more chicks than him anyway.
9. Kusumi Koharu

Koha, Dream Morning Musume's psychotic vegetable gardening freak. Even so, I would still Koharu her... *oldschooltermnooneoutsideoriginaleurowotawouldget* But yes, due to her tallness her legs do stand her in good stead. Especially in fishnets. Oh yes...

The original picture to Koharu.

Because fishnets make everything better.

Pondering the nature of existence...

And pondering the correct angle of openness...

Not Michael Jackson.

Sky blue again...

Adding bondage gear for good measure...

And finally, repose.
8. Kitahara Rie

Hmm? Truthfully, I wouldn't be surprised if many of you have never looked beyond her lips, but I have and found much to be desired. Including but not limited to something previously mentioned in this post, pubic hair exposure and a flabby belly. Also, some very nice legs. Not to mention she also tans very nicely indeed.


Beach paraphernalia...

White sheets...

Can't distract self any longer. Dammit her tan.

Also available with tights.

More beach stuff.

And more.

White kneehighs... Phwoar... Eh.

And back in the river for more sexyness.

Even Rie is astonished at how hot her legs are.
7. Yajima Maimi

Ah, she's back again, as if all the picspam I did of her last time wasn't enough.


Damn that's one sullen look.

Nice shape...

Damn that is loooooooong.

Not sure which to focus on here. Upskirt potential too...

I love underskirt thighs.

And the backs of Maimi's knees are exquisite.


Backs of knees again.

And again...

And again...

And finally one of her looking like a stick insect.
6. Kojima Haruna

Ah, Nyan, the ultimate space cadet. By which I mean she occupies her own planet 98% of the time. On the other hand, she is probably the most outrightly sexy member of AKB. She is, after all, the Queen of Sexy Janken. Even if Yuko self-upskirted herself to the title afterwards. But yes, her legs. Quite hot.

Because cleaning a pool is easier with a brush. And whatever that thing is on her head.

Delicious thighs, I want to eat.


Alas, stockings.

Between thighs, downblouse and stocking removal in one picture. Photographer ftw.

Those boots are amusing, but they do accentuate how long her legs are.

Especially here.

And here.

lol wellies.
5. Junjun

Ah, beloved lesbian panda. Too soon hast thou departed. But anyway. Jun had some massive thighs. And I did like. And the birds and insects and creatures didst verily rejoice, and... I've no idea where I was going with that. On the other hand, it seems that there is a disturbing lack of decent full-body pictures of Jun only with a nice view of leg. Anyway, onto the minimalist spam.

Light blue once again proving its worth.
Red PVC and fishnets and stockings... yum.
Imperious, I believe is the term...

Meanwhile, this is a bit more sexy.

Dead But Dreaming

Chunky Thighs Yes.

Garter ftw.

An all too rare full-body shot.

Ah, Chinese magazines...

She does like showing off on Weibo.

Hmm... guitar case...

Good to know she's still tanned.
IIRC she was moaning about her legs being too fat on this pic...
4. Kamei Eri

Only at #4? I hear the three people and a slightly leaning tree that are reading this post ask. Yes, I reply. Because I can break through fourth and fifth walls like that because I'm awesome. Anyway, Eri. Thunder thighs herself. Nice thunder thighs too. Yes. Anyway, onwards.

Eri, the queen of "nearly" upskirts.

The circumference of her thigh is probably bigger than the circumference of her waist.

Ah, the bikini leg shot.

And stretching...


Nelson. Haha!

Tried to avoid getting pics with her feet in. Chances are they're the ugliest idol feet on the planet.

But her thighs can usually distract one from them.

I have no idea what she's looking at.

This needed to be a gif. Unfortunately I don't think manhole covers suddenly cease to exist in reality.

Back of thighs = yum.

I must say the lighting in this shot is spectacular.

Not so much in this one, but hey, derriere.

Slanted skirt is interesting.

But hint of asscheeks wins outright.

More asscheek/thigh overlap goodness.

And finally a back of knees/thighs/shiny calves shot with a more buoyant ass.
3. Kumai Yurina

Yes, the giantess herself. The reason why I like her legs is pretty damn obvious. They're so damn long! Imagine how they'd feel wrapped around you... Anyway, away from the outright perversion and into the picspam.

School uniform in a bathhouse. Way to go.

Ah, perspective.

Surfboard must be about 3m tall...


Damn her legs look skinny here. Not complaining though.

Fluffy socks, lulz.

Once again, bikinis showing that they don't detract from leg appreciation one bit.

Thighs look pretty good here.


Slenderness ftw.

Ah, foreshortening makes its glorious return.

Skinny but loooooooong.

Her knees look odd, but stil

And finally more foreshortening goodness.
2. Takajo Aki

 Ah, Akicha, she of the well toned, muscled and tanned legs. What's not to like? Other than her weird dogs. But I digress. Picspam time.

Once again the light blue works wonders...


Foreshortening so soon?

Reminds me of Eri.

This is annoyingly shopped but you get the idea.

Light blue, again, yay.

Want to squeeze her thighs...


Muscle definition!

Soft again.

Those socks are interesting.

Holy triangle of visible light?

And more light blue.

1. Tokunaga Chinami

Well, from my preferences it couldn't have been too hard to guess. Tanned, muscular and long. All fit Chii to a tee. Don't pay much attention to the Berryz members personalities but I did find Chii's Seattle wanderings and attempts at English quite amusing. Anyway, you don't care about that, 3 readers and slightly interested tree, so once again onwards to the pics. Will leave these uncaptioned for better enjoyment, with the exception of the best one.


Right, so that brings me to the end of yet another post. Next time... whatever's next up the body, so depends on whether I'm in a front or back mood, if you catch my drift.


  1. Many of these pics are also good feet pics, but I guess that's to be expected.

  2. Really captures the Asian girl fat distribution I know and love...

  3. Wait, no Yukirin pics? Man, you're blind!