When Idols Return To The Fold

So, I've been talking about this post for a while, both here and on Blastbeat, so I figured it was time to finally get it out of the way.

Plus I'm bored as shit.

So, I realised lately upon looking at my search labels (most of which are hilarious. My personal favourite is "fappin' away turn on loli oniichan voice"... No clue how that linked here, but it certainly will now) that one of the most popular searches is about a young lady known as Kuwae Sakina. You may remember I did a post about her a few years back, then put her at number 2 on my 2010 top idol list.

Now, I've been holding onto this little titbit of information for a while now, but as one of the search queries is "sakina kuwae what happened to blog" I have to answer.

Simply put, she left her agency. Therefore, the agency, which ran her blog, shut it down. Therefore, the old blog link no longer exists. The agency was Stardust, most recently known as the agency behind Momoiro Clover. I've spoken about their precursor, Power-Age, several times before, but basically it was the group that had Sakina, Fresh Lemon (AKB) and Ariyasu Momoka (Momoclo) in it. Also, a looooooooong time ago, Kojima Haruna was under Stardust in an even older idol group called Angel Eyes. And I mean really fucking old.

Anyway, enough about Stardust and more about Sakina. She has reappeared. She has had a name change, but she's still as tiny as ever. Also still as cute. She actually reappeared in March but I only found out in May and it's taken me this long to write a post about it. Yes, I'm slow.

So, her new stage name (or might even be her real name, bugger if I know) is Asakura Saki. In kanji, that's 朝倉咲. Her new blog is located here.

She seems to have released an extremely indie single (Ochacha Time) and is mostly doing stage plays and the like, and also did this song for a new compilation, which translates nicely as "Festival for the Invocation of the Dead". Black metal as fuck or what? Shame the song isn't quite so kvlt. She has done a couple of indie live events and also co-hosts an online video thing for a club called Mission's in Kouenji which interviews the bands that play there and suchlike.

But yea, that's just a brief update on what she's up to.

In other news, Ono Erena decided not to come to England and study acting (not that I blame her), and has signed with LesPros, an agency known to me mostly for 9nine. Her new blog is here.

Another mention is Morning Musume's first generation member Fukuda Asuka, who finally returns to the fold in a few days time by releasing a new album with her band Peacestone.

So yea, seems no matter how indie the idol, they still can never seem to properly stop being idols. Not that I mind.

Now just got to hope for a reappearance of Maachan and I'm set.


  1. wah! I have no idea how I always come across Sakina related things by chance all the time.

    It's good to hear that she is back. I don't quite understand why she changed her name though?

    She is still cute and awesome as ever!

    I am so happy now! thanks for the info!

  2. from what i know sakina and ono is relative
    i know someone he's sakina cousin(his mother cousin is sakina mother)
    and ono mother is his mother sister

    1. Congratulations, that made no sense whatsoever.

      Or, in your language, sense of none made whatsoever congratulation.