Post Japan Group Write Up 3: Screaming in pain. And a bit of something else...

Zekkyousuru 60do

So, Zekkyou. The screaming sixties. Apt.

Formed of two girls, Zekkyousuru 60do is a rather intriguing addition to a rather vast wilderness of idoldom. Their gimmick, such as it is, consists mostly of their sadistic clothing (and personality). They are punk idols. Punk in terms of music. Their image is more dominatrix than punk, but hell.

I'm honestly not even sure where to start with Zekkyou simply because as far as the internet is concerned, they may as well not exist. They have no central webpage. No youtube videos. No soundcloud. Only twitter. But they use it to maximum effect. They're based in Nagoya, which makes it even more slightly difficult to follow them from Tokyo. They do play live in Tokyo and Osaka though, just not quite as frequently.

Zekkyou's producer is actually a band. A punk band, called 6% is Mine (hence the buttons on Montero's wifebeater). They mostly play punk covers of pop songs, anime songs, Ghibli songs, etc etc, but do write original songs too. They also perform occasionally as a backing band for Zekkyou. Evidently, as a burgeoning idol group they have few (or no) original songs, relying mostly on 6% is Mine's discography for the time being. But even so, their live performances are powerful and intense.

The members are:


Ah, Montero. The Filipino Idol of Pure Fucking Evil/Awesome. If you thought Lolisyn took the cake on sadistic idols, you were woefully mistaken. Montero is a few leagues higher than Lolisyn have ever aspired. She may look angelic and cute in the above picture, but I can't seemingly get enough of her sadistic grin when she's hurting people. Case in point: this photo.

You can also watch this video of a Lolisyn moshpit (posted by Lolisyn's producer to prove that Lolisyn are "pure-white idols" and that their lives ain't scary) where Montero, dressed as a reindeer, kicks someone in the face. It's about 3:55. Montero does love joining Lolisyn moshpits. I went into more detail about her antics in my actual series of blogs from when I was in Japan, but sometimes it just gets too good. She even broke Kuzumura's (the manager) leg when he was lifting her to kecha someone. She's less than 5ft tall and weighs about as much as a sack of potatoes. Her reaction: laugh. Then she stole his crutches. As you do.

For buppan she will stand on you. She will stab you. Shoot you. Squeeze your head between two chairs. Hit you with a baseball bat. Slap you. Nutshot you. Or anything else that causes you pain. She basically has no limit to her cruelty. And it's awesome.


Kai is quite shy, sweet and reserved. She can also speak English so if she reads this she'll probably be blushing. Unlike Montero, she actually self-identifies as a masochist. Masochist of the "will willingly put other people's whimsy above her own need" type masochism. You can't stand on her or anything. She lived in America for a bit so she's quite good at interacting with foreign fans. At buppan, where Montero is wandering around looking for victims, planning mayhem, or being mischievous; Kai will be stood behind the buppan table talking to people. She will stand on you if you want her to (she thinks it's funny, but takes no pleasure from it), but I've seen some chekis of her giving people lap pillows and stuff. It's quite an odd one.

On stage is where she goes above and beyond though. Her stage diving is beyond belief. I've never seen someone stagedive so ferociously their shoe fell off. Until Kai.

Worth just having a chat with her, even if Montero's ludicrous levels of sadism put you off. She'll win you over.

So yes, if you're interested in crazy punk music, cute girls, a bit of delightful pain and probably the most insane buppan experience in the idol world, check them out.

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  1. Yo, so I recently got into this group and I'm practically dying to find more info on them yet to no avail! That is, until I found your blog! Thanks for giving an insight into their personality's .