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That's right, it's time for:

Guso Drop

Whilst I did go into a lot of detail in my part three of Japan post, I think I need to make a post that profiles the members slightly more than just Saki. Otherwise it's mildly unfair.

In any case, Guso Drop are the new(ish) idol group formed by the same people behind 2&. Their theme, as far as I've managed to ascertain, is uncertain. The website describes them as "Soft Prick-Style Idols". I have absolutely no fucking idea what that means. The music is mostly of a rock nature, playing with djent, dubstep, punk, post-metal and a bit of thrash just to, you know, break the minds of anyone listening. I've seen them compared to PassCode, which is probably about the only thing anywhere close.


Their live performances are crazy. I've linked some videos before but I'll link them again because I can.


Slow Rain @Tokyo

Betsuni Jouzu Janakutemo Iijan, Takaga Ongaku Nandakara. Nee? Toge Onna.

They released a PV not too long ago for their latest song, Middle of Nowhere PUNK Pseudo-Girl.

It is, after all, very punk. Actually among the most punk idol songs I've ever heard. Also showcases quite a bit of characters, quite a bit of what their lives are like and some of buppan.

Also going to link Level 6 because I really like the death-vocal tradeoff between Saki and Rei at 2:19.

Anyway, some more information on the members:

Rei (Boss)

Birthday: 19th July
Middle Finger Colour: Black

Rei is the short-haired Moga-like (Moga from Denpagumi, if you're confused) member. She actually does look surprisingly akin to Moga as well. One of Guso Drop's two death vocalists. She is a fan of Slipknot, and survives on Monster energy drink (though she also likes Rockstar). Because her image colour is black, and black glowsticks are rather difficult, she has jokingly suggested to use McKee marker pens.


Birthday: 14th August
Blog: Here.
Middle Finger Colour: Purple

Shion is the cool beauty one. She is quite cold, quite good at staring unnervingly and quite disturbingly powerful on stage. Hardly ever smiles, outside of live performances. In that respect she actually reminds me quite a lot of Turbonegro's Pål Pot Pamparius. When there's no music, stern facial expression. When music starts, happiness. She's the headbanging ace. Quite a resemblance to Kuriyama Chiaki.


Birthday: 11th March
Blog: Here.
Middle Finger Colour: Red

So, Saki. No, absolutely, definitely not that other Saki. Definitely not. Right. Saki is the centre. She's the other of the death vocalists, being a bit more of a screamer to Rei's growler. As you may be able to see, she's wearing a necklace filled with ikura, or salmon roe. This is apparently her favourite. She blogs way too much, having a hell of a lot more entries than anyone else on there. Obviously singing is a strength. And she's short. Good.


Birthday: 27th January
Blog: Here.
Middle Finger Colour: Yellow

Yura is the twin-tailed, always happy, always talkative, seemingly always eating (well, she is yellow) one of the lot. Also seems like a bit of a ditz, but unsure as to how much of that is real and how much is the twintails. She does a lot of facial expressions that make her look like a smiley, most notably a very well done impression of the :P emoticon. As a noted abuser of said emoticon, that makes me somewhat happy.


Birthday: 24th October.
Blog: Here.
Middle Finger Colour: Blue

They say her colour is "water blue" but everything contradicts that so I'm just going with blue. She's the youngest. In the songs she's the one who usually takes the spoken word monologues and seems to be the most normal of the members. Looks wise she reminds me a bit of Watanabe Miyuki doing the 80s-shtick thing at the moment.

So yes, the members. You've seen some lives. Now comes buppan. Where you will get confused.


Here is a link to what you can buy: Goods.

Now, every time you buy something worth more than 1000 yen you get a communication ticket for a member. If you buy a cheki (which is 1000 yen) you get to have a communication ticket with the person you bought the cheki with, so they can sign it or scribble on it. They also have like a cheki lottery, that you do for 500 yen and if you win you get a cheki or something. The cheki ticket is a weird one. You can have it done with your own camera or phone or whatever, if you don't like carrying around polaroids everywhere in a little album. The actual cheki bit is short as hell because the talking and stuff is supposed to be done with the communication ticket.


The bit at the top of the goods page above is the Gushin Card. It's basically a fanclub card. It costs 1000 yen. When you first enrol, you get:

  • The card.
  • A proof of joining photo (2L size) and they post another on Twitter.
  • Thank you for joining all member handshake (10 seconds each) on the day of joining only.
  • 5 Communication Tickets (one for each member)
 Further Perks include:
  • One time only free entry to a paid live (Red Nose Lives are free so don't count. Public lives also don't count).
  • Discounted goods.
  • Exclusive goods.
  • Gushin Member only events (possibility)
So quite a lot for 1000 yen. Also, when they hit a certain number of Gushin members (300) they get to hold a one-man live. At the moment they're at about 78 or something.

Obviously, you can't have more than one card, you can't let someone else use your card, and if you lose it you have to pay 500 yen to get a new one.


Yes, there are some. I'm translating this right from the website's Rules page.

1. Regarding Communication Time.
At the onset, please buy the goods you would like from the staff. For every 1000 yen you spend you get a communication ticket. After this, please separate into five lines and go into the one of the member you wish to communicate with. Communication tickets are to be used one at a time. Please refrain from using multiple tickets together. Depending on the size of the event, the communication time will differ. Whilst the majority of the time one ticket will get you one minute, be advised that at large-scale events it may be reduced to between 45 and 30 seconds. This is to ensure parity between all fans, so that as many as possible can attend the communication time. Please make note of this beforehand. If any questions, consult with staff.

2. Regarding Touching, Handshakes and the ilk.
Please be advised that during communication time, you may not high five, shake hands or otherwise touch the members.

3. Regarding the taking or making of photos or videos.
In Guso Drop, members are not to be used as subjects of movie or audio recordings. Please understand and cooperate. During shows, it is prohibited to take photos, make videos or audio recordings of Guso Drop.
If the rules are not followed, then the staff or event officials reserve the right to not only stop any further recordings, but also to erase the photographic, movie or audio data on the spot. In the event of malicious content, such as peeping photos or secret recordings being taken, you will thereafter be prohibited from entering further lives or events.

4. Regarding presents and fanletters.
Please do not hand directly to the members, such as during communication time. Hand them to the staff whilst clearly stating who they are for.

5. Other.
Please refrain from attempting to talk to the members, shake hands with the members, or ask them to sign things before and after lives and events, and also during their breaks.

Well, that was interesting. Very few indie idol groups are so matter of fact about their rules. It's usually word of mouth mixed with some Chinese whispers. I think they might have had a bad experience in the past.

In any case, Guso Drop are rising fast. If you're in Tokyo, swing by Shinjuku Red Nose on a Tuesday evening for a free live. Plus 500 yen for a drink. If you can't find Red Nose, look for Ruido K4 signs. Have fun, fuckers.

Anyway, I think that's the longest one of these yet. Intriguing.

Other links:

Official Site
Official Twitter
Producer's Twitter (also 2&'s producer)

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