Post Japan Group Write Up 2: An Idol "Group" Where The Audience Is A Member

2& (Double And)

So, my crowning moment in portrait photography.

Anyway, 2& consists of one member: Saki. Formerly, Saya was also a member of the group, but when she left the name carried on being used, with the new concept of 2&=Saki&You. Basically, the whole audience is a member. Indeed, the crowd "performance" tends to be just as much a part of the spectacle as what's going on on the stage.

As to what does go on on the stage, well, it's fucking epic.

As of now, Saki only has nine songs. In order of first performance, they are:

1. NegaPosi Monster
2. Dream
3. Real
4. Mirai wo (To the Future)
5. Katame no Liliy (One-eyed Liliy)
6. Usagi no Dorei to Cassiopeia (Cassiopeia and the Rabbit's Slave)
7. Popping Shower to Ame (Popping Shower and Rain)
8. Walk
9. ○ no Riron (The Theory of ○)

NegaPosi Monster has a PV.

Obviously, that was when Saya was still around. The bass-heavy alternative rock feel is really good.

Real also has a short PV on the same channel, but I won't link it. 2& really does need to be experienced live. So here's a live video:

Them gymnastics.

There are places (Popping Shower) where the crowd basically does on the floor exactly what Saki's doing on the stage. There are places (Liliy) where she ignores the microphone and just shouts.

Liliy is also probably the most arty/experimental song, as she stands in one position for 90% of the song. When she isn't she's screaming whilst holding her head.

It's stunningly effective.

That video is a new recording of the song from the upcoming album released on March 11th. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I'll get you one.

Usagi is a really proggy song. Builds up from nothing. Then suddenly goes a bit insane.

I like it when songs go freeform from section to section.

This video probably shows just how much a part of it the crowd actually are:

Outside of lives, Saki is sweet as anything. Always fun to talk to at buppan, she does some crazy deco-chekis (seriously, they look like she's stuck about three million shiny things to it), and obviously, the satsueikai are amazing. Dunno any other idols you can just walk around and talk with, taking photos whenever the mood strikes you. And it's still cheaper than paying an agency model for an hour (the main reason I never took up portrait photography fulltime).

Honestly, in terms of performance strength I don't think anyone quite matches up to Saki. Her voice is great (obviously, the ludicrous number of live videos shows some fragilities, but she's still in the top 5% of idols), her dancing is amazingly captivating (and dance does nothing for me usually), and the song quality is amazing.

I think her 2& day (2nd Feb) is going to be the first live I attend when I get to Japan next time. Then I'm looking forward to the future. Hopefully I can drag some of you readers along with me.

Useful links:

Official Website (with Calendar)
Saki Blog
Saki Twitter
Double And Fanclub Twitter
DM Produce Youtube (with some videos of Saki and Saya around debut)

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