It's Been Five Years: A Few Brief Thoughts on a Post-Beat Laments the World Luscious Idolicious

So, if you've not been living under a rock you should know by now that Beat Laments the World, that glorious blog created by Henkka for the purpose of providing a metal-infused look at J-pop, is closing its doors. And by that I mean Henkka is actually taking it offline, meaning archive motherfuckers.

However, to save you from doing that I've imported all my posts from over there onto here. To save time I shall link all of them here, from the first until the last:

FAKSM #10 by Krv
Musings on the new direction of Momusu (or why it doesn't suck)
FAKSM #14: Suirenka
Of Progressive Metal and Win
Top 50 Guitar Solos in Idol Songs
FAKSM #15: Crestfallen
BiS - Brand New Idol Society
FAKSM #16: When Momoclo Go Death Metal
Return of the Babymetal
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Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku
Japan's Insanely Talented Youth
When Passpo Met The Bassist From Jane's Addiction and a guitarist from the band of Shakira
On AKB's Senbatsu Elections, sales figures, the graduation of Maeda and all that jazz...
Momusu's new single, mass hysteria and why I hate humanity
FAKSM#18: It All Works Out All Right

Top 50 Progressive Idol Songs
FAKSM#20: World's End Girlfriend - "DECALOGUE minus 8"
So, remember BiS?
A Shocking World Reformation Metal Song
When Metal Goes Idols...
FAKSM#22: When America Gets It Right
Brainstorm This!
Momoiro Clover Z Really Do Rock My Fucking World
Ebichuu's Immaculate Return to Achieve Final Victory For The Glory ofthe Vampire Race
Krv and the Wild World of Anisongs
Top 50 Idol Music Videos
Once again, BiS Have Decided to Utterly Ruin The Entire Concept of What It Means To Be An Idol
FAKSM#24: When Love Just Keeps Growing... and Growing...
Babymetal's Megitsune is probably the most brutal piece of music I've heard from the last five years...
The Election: A Victory for Common Sense?
BiS. Drugs. Erections. Semen. Baldness. BDSM. AKB. WTF.
A Brief Reponse to "The Evolution of Idol Music"
FAKSM#25: Le Festin d'Esope
Beats of 2013

Obviously, wherever I used Intlwota's helpful Wordpress media player for playing music, it's now broken and won't work, so some of the FAKSMs  and more obscure tracks on the Top 50 lists you'll actually have to go looking for.

So yes, I'm now once again constrained to Luscious Idolicious. What this signifies is as yet unclear. Obviously, my posting styles on LI and Beats were quite opposite to each other. On here I've tended to write way too fucking much for normal people to read and only really talk about things that would let me write a shitload. On Beats I was happy to write whatever and press post. Sometimes I didn't actually even write anything much at all.

So I guess now you've got all of that to look forward to in one slightly more straightforward form. Obviously I've still got a backlog of reviews so long that I'm going to be writing them when I've emigrated to Mars, and I'll get on with them at some point. I'll also probably make a return to the Top 50 lists, I've got one in mind that's a new one, and practically all the old ones need updating (Metal especially, considering the last few years).

So yea, I'm not entirely sure what the future holds (except for much increased viewcounts, considering the first 3.5 months of 2014 so far have accounted for 16.8% of LI's entire total viewcount), but as I stand here at LI's fifth anniversary and look to the future, I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. I still find it far too entertaining to love and hate idols and their music. Looking back at my first post, a "naughtier" version of Paul from Hello!Blog's "favourite member" list which Shirow corrupted into being a "H!P member you'd most like to 'cuddle'" list, I feel so much more into idols now than I was then. It was just something I found rather amusing then, whereas now it's something I'll spend two weeks of my life chasing through Japan. Seeing the Stockholm trip report and comparing it to my last two posts reminds me that I always was a wordy motherfucker though.

Speaking of Shirow and Paul though, get your asses in gear and restart Wotaku Now and Helloblog dammit.

But I suppose Shirow does still give us Hello Snark Project...

Obviously, I said I'd be focusing more on the underground from now on, but that doesn't mean I'll neglect the mainstream either. I don't see myself becoming a full-on Pure Idol Heart type thing anytime soon. For a start I can never do simple informative posts without going off on three hundred tangents.

Either way, five years done. Wonder where I'll be in another five. Probably still aiming towards Japan, waving money from afar at the latest Progressive Rock Opera idols...


  1. Thanks, Krv. I've been lurking at Beat Laments the World for a while (clocutron here) but just recently started reading here at LI. Tried to comment with my WordPress account (which I've done on other blogs quite often) but it gave me a hard time and told me I don't "own that identity" or some shit. Anyway, I'll keep reading here - I've really liked reading some of your album reviews.